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I watched that one last evening. It is really relevant to my new interest in digital audio with my older equipment (and ears!)

I’m also really liking Andrew Robinson’s latest series of common sense conversations. Both review hardware I’ll never afford (or frankly, appreciate) but I enjoy this information they discuss.

Andrew Robinson YouTube Link

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Thanks for the link.

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You’re very welcome! I’m glad that I can offer something in return for the knowledge I’ve gained here this past week!!

As I’m still learning the forum details, how did your link show a preview while mine was simply hypertext?

Hmm, I’ve wondered about similar things myself, but in this case my link was a browser address to the Darko site, rather than a YouTube video.

Someone will chip in about forum posting wrinkles. @Geoff_Coupe?

Have fun.

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No use looking at me - I just throw things at the wall and see what sticks… :grinning:


This usually does the trick. Specifying a new hyperlink, something like: this is the text in the post and that is where it points at, will just create that (no preview). While many sites just work and create a preview, some do not (for example any link to the Roon Knowledge Base). Keep an eye on the preview pane. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thanks! Sorry for the thread hijack, @xxx

I see that he manages to squeeze in some FUD on cable issues, and an implication that hi-res recordings somehow carry more audible content than non-hi-res recordings.

So what are the three points? For those of us with better things to do than watch Darko videos? Presumably those bolded on the Web page: room, amplifier-speaker pairing, and good mastering of the music you’re listening to.

Yep, you got it.

  1. Room
  2. Amps & Speaker
  3. Mastering

Number 3 gets lost sometimes in the arguments about certain formats. But, it does make a difference. I have CDs from before the loudness wars hit that sound remarkable compared to versions that came later. And sadly, unless you get said CD, you’ll never hear what I do.

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A little harsh. :grimacing: Not a Darko fan, I’m guessing. :laughing:

Yeah, I thought the same thing.

I had a different title because of that, but I relented. :pensive:

More of a not-a-videos-fan, I think. Text is so much faster and enables certain things videos don’t, like excerpting and forwarding.

When I see the poor quality of the material surrounding this speaker, I don’t feel like listening to his advices. Like asking a soda maker for advice on how to taste French wine…

As he says in the video: 8 things forget them. 3 Things are important. And then he says I’m magnifying the details.

And that is exactly what he does. The real difference is maybe 0.1%. But because he magnifies the details they appear to be 10%.

Not a site I visit anymore. More FUD than facts from the usual suspects he gets to support his views.
A response here to some recent FUD: