Ability to change cover/icon for playlists

I have made up a bunch of playlists. Qudos for Roon now being able to deselect “show global playlists”

Currently, the cover/icon for the playlists consists of the album art for the first track in that playlists. I would like to be able to change this to something customised.



Eventually we’d like to allow editing of playlist cover image and even adding descriptions for playlists. No work on this is scheduled yet but it is something we’re thinking about.

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Has this issue been progressed? I love everything about Roon but I would welcome the opportunity to change artwork for playlists I have created from Tidal tracks. Specifically I am currently recreating several iconic 60s and 70s label rock samplers which are not available as complete albums on Tidal. It would “put icing on the cake” if I could use the original cover art rather than the composite generated.
Thank you

Relax, it’s only been 4 1/2 years since they started thinking about it. Maybe in another 5 years :joy:

New Roon user here and I do see lots of threads for what would be expected behavior go on for years. Just curious if Roon does listen to feedback these forums and implement user requested features, where these requests are outliers, or is this the norm?

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@brian2 are you still thinking about it? It’s been six years

Of course. It is not critical. I got your point. But for those who use playlist a lot (like me and @extracampine and thousands of other users) - it is important. And it is ridiculously easy to implement (!). It is just one additional option on playlist’s tracks list “Set as playlist cover”…

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You can add me to the list of Playlist focused. Roon acknowledges that its one of their week spots, I have heard partly due to their team being more album focused.

I’m not sure whether “me too” comments help, but at least register me as another user who uses playlists more and more and would like to change the art!

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Same Here. I have barely more than one Track fron an Album.
Roon should be more open to people who are Playlist-Focused.
The Old Hirachial Structure of Albums are too static.

Please give us custom Playlist-Covers!