[ Actual topic: Can’t connect to Nucleus ] Original title: 强烈建议Roon增加Apple / Strongly recommend Roon to add Apple


The Nucleus+ hasn’t been able to connect after shutting down, I don’t know where to get it serviced, can you recommend?

I moved your post into the Nucleus support category, but Roon support team will request you first fill in the support template before engaging much further.

Have you tried to plug in a HDMI lead to a monitor to see what is on the screen?

I wonder if the thread title should state what the first post is about :slight_smile: ?

I didn’t want to edit the thread title when there are characters in it that I didn’t understand, but I did think it was a bit strange when I saw it.

Just wondering if Roon support might glance over it, as the Chinese part also says that Roon should add Apple :slight_smile:

So I added the Nucleus connection problem to the title to give it proper attention

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Hello @chengwei_situ ,

Thanks for your message. Are you currently located in mainland China?

Roon however isn’t equipped to provide guidance on how to bypass state firewall restrictions, but users have gathered useful anecdotes in threads like this: Is Roon banned in China?

I hope this may help as it falls outside the scope of support.