"Add a photo" link missing under empty avatar picture of artist

First off, I’d like to say that I’m an avid user of the Valence Art Director and have uploaded a fair number of artist photo’s in the past few months.

But now and then I encounter a somewhat strange phenomenon.
The use case is as follows:
On an Artist page where the circular avatar picture space shows no image, normally a link “Add a photo” is shown underneath, but for some artists no such link is shown! Here is (a part of) the artist page belonging to the countertenor Vasily Khoroshev.

So it seems I can’t add a new photo in this case.

Trying to outsmart the system and search for this particular artist in the Valence Art Director page directly does not pay off:
(Do I perhaps have to learn Cyrillic to get a better chance in this particular case?)

I will update this topic when I find more examples because there have been more in the recent past!

Hey @Hans_Valeton,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m happy to explain what’s happening here. Vasily Khoroshev isn’t in our index. This sometimes happens with lesser-known or new performers. If the performer isn’t in our index there’s no page for Art Director to apply the image to.

You should be able to add an image to that page in your database by clicking the ellipsis button, then edit, Photo, add image. Give that a try. Thanks!

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Thanks @jamie , for getting back to me on this.
Unfortunately I don’t really think your answer is a real solution. This artist should simply be added to your index.
Before the advent of the Valence Art Director I had already given about a thousand artists a photo, only to have to upload the same picture again after de Art Director became available. Of course it’s much better to make artists’ pictures available to all Roon users at once, so I was pleasantly suprised when that became a reality. But even unknown artists should get their chance at a centralized picture in the Roon database! I can’t see why a relatively “hip and happening” Russian countertenor should be left aside…

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