Add an image with url [Resolved]

I fail to add an “url”, maybe I do not see something or it’s a shortcoming in the “add an url” partcover

Hey @fernand_lambert — Thanks for reaching out!

So we can get some better insight into what you’re experiencing my I please ask that you verify the following:

  • What is the OS of the machine you’re using for this?
  • What link are you using to add photos?
  • What web browser are you copying the link from?
  • Where are you attempting to add this image?


I use a windows PC, and I do not get an input field to copy a link into it

Hey @fernand_lambert,

For this feature there is actually not a field to paste in. Once you copy the URL and it is in your clipboard, clicking the “Paste URL from clipboard” button should automatically add the image.

What web browser are you copying this image from? Can you paste the link to the image you’re copying here?


I will try again later today, can you give me an example of a link that does work?

Hey @fernand_lambert,

I successfully used this link from a stock photo site

Give it a try and let me know if you still have any issues!


Okay I understand, I have to copy the address of the jpg instead of saving a link like, I was apparently confused by the intermixing of dutch-english-dutch. It’s okay now, thx Dylan cover

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