Add note to album?

Was this ever added? I requested it years ago, but then I lost track. If it was added, it’s not obvious.

My reasons are pretty basic: I want to be able to enter an optimal volume setting and to record thoughts about notable features in a particular recording. These notes are just for me–not for others to see.



If you type them up you could save them as a .pdf into the album folder. These would be readable via Roon.

Hmm, yeah, that occurred to me. Not exactly user-friendly though. Thanks.

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Saving .txt files in PDF is not that hard, but the problem is you cannot do it for streamed albums that are part of your library.
It would be nice it there would be a (roon)tag that would be availabe to put info (text, picture, …) , independant of the album source (local or streamed)

Excellent idea. Unfortunately doesn’t seem others have jumped on board. ;( I could imagine all kinds of things to say including comparing different masters or tidbits of info that you know that aren’t in the standard metadata reviews/info.

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I’m on board for this! This would be an excellent feature to add to Roon. There should be an area within Roon that displays personal notes/reviews/comments, etc.

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Private notes would be an excellent addition to Roon. Even better if the notes were searchable and sortable. A listener’s life-long listening diary of sorts. It would be an amazing addition and product differentiator. Cheers.


Agreed, would be great, I’ve asked for this before also. Make it a feature request so we can vote for it (if it doesn’t exist already)!


At 62, I would have enjoyed reviewing my own listening notes from my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I’m reminded of my grandmother’s recipe albums and the detailed cooking notes. And I could only dream of the treasure of reading my father’s listening notes of his favorite composers, conductor, orchestras, recordings and soloists.


I’d also like this. I listen to a bunch of DJ mixes and I like to save the tracklists with the files. In ordinary MP3 libraries (e.g. Mediamonkey), I would save these to the “notes” part of the MP3 file tags. It doesn’t seem like there’s anywhere to do this relatively simple and useful thing in Roon.