Add or delete a song on playlists - easier way

hi there,

in Windows pc interface, would that be possible to create a 3 dots icon at the left down corner just next to the current song picture with the ability to add or delete the current song from playlists

it would make the creation & management of playlists much direct and easy.

thanks, JC


isn’t that a good idea??
I personally think it is ! :grinning:

as for now, the only way to delete a song from a playlist is to go in the playlist and found that song.
if that playlist is big and playing randomly, this can be a very long and boring task to delete the song… :unamused:

with an " add or delete" option just next to the current song picture, it would be much more easier and fun to manage playlists ! :slight_smile:

Roon doesn’t like playlists…
Roon doesn’t like users who like playlists…
Roon doesn’t want to encourage users to use playlists…

Now get off Roon’s lawn, and go play with your silly playlists on Spotify!



Keep in mind, if you make Roon playlists with streaming songs, they are very much tied to your music service of choice (Tidal or Qobuz). I’d recommend making playlists on the corresponding service instead. if your songs are local you are good

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you’re right @RobOK I could do that, but since I use roon I do not use Qobuz interface anymore, and I guess it is the goal! :slight_smile:

after all, the roon DNA is not anything but offering new powerful interface upon Qobuz or Tidal ! and when I say that this is not negative, I really think it is a great idea!

roon interface is amazingly good.
I just would like to give my input to improve it a little bit more on a functionality I use a lot :wink:

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I use Roon interface at home and Tidal outside of home. I totally agree on the Roon experience. You just need to weigh the long term consequences. Mabye Qobuz gets acquired and turnes off Roon access? You might just want to build playlists in Qobuz and play them in Roon, that is all I am saying.

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anyone from roon team to answer?

in fact, I took the habit to build my playlists while I listen to music.

if I need to build my playlists with Qobuz, then I need to listen to music with Qobuz… so I will not use roon…

no way to get a roon team answer? Shame…

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If you need help with a technical issue, tag support and they will respond.

Feature Requests they read (and hopefully catalog) but rarely respond, maybe to 10% of feature requests get a Roon response.

There is a long thread of feature requests from prior to version 1.8, you might want to add it there
Top 10 Feature Requests

And this thread is specifically on Playlists:
Playlist Feature Requests (post 1.8)

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