Roon has made a major mistake in how they handle items under “Focus” in the “ADDED IN THE LAST” section when it comes to Bookmarks.

When I create a bookmark using the Focus criteria of “ADDED IN THE LAST” section, the bookmark is created using a fixed date based on when the criteria was selected. The bookmark should use a date relative to when the bookmark is called up, not when it was created. If I focus on albums added in the last week and create a bookmark, if I call up that bookmark in a month, it should call up albums created in the last week and not albums added within the last month and a week.

The way the Focus works now, bookmarks using “ADDED IN THE LAST” section are basically worthless.

Please fix this ASAP!


oh, wow: I did set up a “in the last week” bookmark (as worakaround for the now missing “New” library badge :roll_eyes:) and haven’t used it so far
just checked: you’re right, albums from one week before it was created are there :angry:

@support yet another bug missed by beta testers! :roll_eyes:

Focus Bookmarks on Played in the last X have always had a fixed date associated with it. This is not new. I am not saying it should work that way, just, that this is not something new.

See, Andybob mentioning it (last sentence) in Nov. of 19.


time to think about it once and forever then… (eventually) fix it :wink:

thank you Daniel :slight_smile:

OP: Fully agreed. Already posted about it here a few days ago.

I am not calling it a bug though. More like an unwanted feature.

There is a reason I didn’t call it a bug and put it in the “Feature Requests” section.

I have never created a bookmark using the “played in the last X” feature. But, it is clearly a mistake to describe them with the text they use and then use a fixed date. It’s more than a mistake, it doesn’t make any sense.