Adding dCS Rossini to Roon setup

I’m replacing my Roon Ready Antipodes with a dCS Rossini, but can’t get Roon to recognize the Rossini.

How can I do this?

It’s in here somewhere:

Rossini can’t run Core, so your question is confusing.

Are you trying to stream to the Rossini using Airplay?

If so, you’ll still need a device to run Core.

I’m confused. How do you replace a Roon core device with a DAC?

I believe Antipodes can be server and renderer and one config is to have two different Antipodes, seperating the functions.
I presume TOP is replacing the renderer portion with the DCS network DAC. (?)
@James_Heckman is that what you are doing?

I’ve moved it to the DCS section and we can also tag @support to get them in as well.

Hmm, but if the OP removes the EX he can only Airplay to the Rossini unless he plans to connect CX to the Rossini via USB.

Dunno. Need a little more info. :smirk:

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But read the title of this thread.

Yeah I know but posters often get the roon components mixed up; so starting with the idea that it’s replacing a function with the correct component. If it is the core then…

Thanks for the response, Slim. The Rossini is Roon Ready so I figure it can handle all functions of using Roon including Core. I’m just streaming via a wired Ethernet connection from the street. At any rate, I expect a call from dCS today that will solve the problem. Thanks again for your help.
Jim Heckman

My assumption is that my DAC (the Roon Ready Rossini) contains a Roon Core. dCS will call me today to solve it. Thanks for the help.
Jim Heckman

Yeah, the web site is a little unclear about being Roon Ready.

The Rossini shows up in the Roon Ready product section, but description of the Rossini mentions nothing about being Roon Ready (that I can find :slightly_smiling_face:).

However, being Roon Ready doesn’t mean that it can run Core, only that it will act as an endpoint.

I believe you assume too much. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your reply. My Antipodes was the Core. I figured I could replace the Antipodes with the Roon Ready Rossini just by switching the Ethernet wire from Antipodes to Rossini, but no. So obviously I don’t know what I’m doing (though it’s not for lack of trying, poring over the User Manual for hours).
Jim Heckman

The Rossini us just a DAC and streamer it definitely isn’t a core.

You can keep the Antipodes as the core and ADD the Rossini as the streamer/DAC.

If you have two cores on the same network, disable the audio device in one, and enable it on the other?

I thought it would be in there somewhere, and spent a good deal of effort looking, but couldn’t find it. Seemed to me it would be an obvious, easily found topic. Thanks for your response.
Jim Heckman

It’s a DX3, not the CX/EX Antipodes combo.

Quite possibly.

Maybe that’s the solution. Will see when dCS lets me know.

In trying something like that in my machinations so far, I get the ominous threat that doing so will cause the loss of my stored music. But sure, I may be missing something.