Adding hundreds of tracks to a playlist doesn't work

Roon Core Machine

macOS 10.15.7, 16GB RAM, 2.8Ghz i7
Roon 1.8 (build 795)

Network Details

tp-link router, wifi

Audio Devices


Library Size

5372 tracks

Description of Issue

I use Qobuz as my library source.

  1. Search for “nice work if you can get it”
  2. Click on the composition
  3. Command-a to select all tracks, then click “add to playlist”

Expected result: The tracks get added to a playlist
Actual result: The tracks do not get added to a playlist

Video demonstrating the issue:

Adding from composition seems to be a known bug

I can add batches of recordings to a playlist fine from the composition page. I don’t know what the threshold is.

A year-old bug report that hasn’t been addressed doesn’t give me much hope here :\

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Try this: select nocturnes on composition page
Go to Play Now/Queue
Go to Queue
Find and select nocturnes
Save playlist

I hate that this looks workable.

Update: wrote too soon. On the COMPOSITIONS page, adding one or more nocturnes to the queue adds ALL PERFORMANCES to the queue. Prolly not what one wants.

There seems to just be something wrong with operating on lots of tracks from a Composition page. If I select all the recordings and add them to the queue, they don’t show up there either. But if I do a smaller number (150 or so) then it will add them to the queue.

So I guess either there’s something wrong with how it handles lots of tracks, or one of the tracks is causing an issue and making the whole thing fail.

I am in fact trying to create a playlist of all of the recordings for a particular composition.

So, on the comp page you select ONE composition and add it to the queue. First, do you see all the performances you expected in the queue? If so, select all the performances and create a playlist.

But you say large numbers of cuts don’t work. Have you tried to determine what the break point is? 25 cuts? 50? Of course, Roon could answer that immediately, but they haven’t yet.

I just created a 15-cut playlist with this approach.

When I do this, Roon only adds five recordings to the queue.

I think the most I got in one go was just over 200.

what’s the composition? let me try it here if i have it.

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