Adding Qobuz as a music service

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 64 bit

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All standard stuff, everything else is working.

Connected Audio Devices

internal soundcard, standard stuff

Number of Tracks in Library

not too big

Description of Issue

I just updated Roon and now it will not let me at Qobuz as a music service. It says, “There was an unexpected error. Please check your account details.”
I even reset the password, but it is still not working. Any ideas?

Craig, I am not a Qobuz subscriber, but I have read in other posts that you may need to log out of your Roon Core, restart your Roon Core, then try to log back into Qobuz via Roon with your updated Qobuz password. Qobuz had an outage earlier today and it may have resulted in a temporary issue in Roon that iogging out, reboooting, and logging back in may resolve.

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If that doesn’t work try clearing the Qobuz cache

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