Adding Tags and Playlists


I find very annoying that when I create a Playlist or a Tag into an album Roon does not pre-fill the Tag/Playlist name with the album name, so I have to write by hand, consider the is also impossible to Copy an Paste from Roon, well I am still able to write but due to the fact the Playlist/tag creation popup appear over the album nane I have to sign the exact name somewhere by hand than re-write by hand into the tag name.

Am I loosing something?
Please Roon developer try to copy Spotify even in the simplest things!


I don’t understand what you mean by “pre-fill the Tag/Playlist name with the album name”. Can you explain and demonstrate with some screenshots. Thanks.

You are into “The dark side of the moon - Pink Floyd” and click “add to playlist”


As you can see Roon does not suggest Playlist/tag name and HIDE completely the screen with the popup so you have to “REMENBER” album and artist spelling

You have almost the save issue with “add Tag”:

If I am creating a “NEW TAG” while into an album I seem quite probable that pre-fill with “artist - album” can help !!!

Am I wrong ?

I don’t understand why you would want to add the artist and album to a playlist name. This implies that the playlist is the album. What purpose does that serve in Roon?

Again why would a tag include the artist and album name?

Well Martin if you are a Roon developer for me is the end! :grin:

Most people use tags and playlists to hold a collection of items, rather than single albums, e.g.

  • Modern Jazz
  • Dinner Party Music
  • Disco


  • Binaural
  • Multichannel
  • Podcasts

You’re clearly not most people :slightly_smiling_face:

No, I’m a member of the Roon community. If you need from from Roon post into the #support category. However, take a look at this post first and make sure you explain the issue or what you are trying to do.

You may also like to read the following knowledgebase articles:

PS. Roon staff use the Roon logo in their profile picture.

I suggest maybe you are misunderstanding the purposes of tags and playlists, versus the queue?