Adding to Playlist isn’t the same [Resolved]

After adding this upgrade, my Playlists are messed up.

  • I notice I now have 2 lists of playlists to access on the Playlist page, Bruce
    Playlists and My Playlists. Also a Shared Playlist toggle. I don’t recall having a My Playlist or The toggle, but I may be wrong.

  • I discovered this when I went to add a track to a Playlist. I was shocked when the pop up showed no playlists to which I could add this track, I have 15-20 which usually appear allowing me to select a destination or create a new playlist.

  • I created a new playlist for the track. It now appears in the My Playlist list of playlists. There are no others.

  • even after selecting Bruce Playlist folder of playlists, when I try to add a track to a playlist I am not given the opportunity to add it to any existing playlists in the Bruce Playlist. I don’t get it.

Hey Bruce – no changes to playlists in our most recent release, so something else must be going on here.

Can @support make your question public so we can gather some information and see if anyone else is experiencing similar issues?


Mike - yes, of course, I welcome input from the community. I’ll try to better summarize the situation regarding Adding Tracks to Playlists:

  • When I try to add a track to my many playlists (all identified under the Bruce Playlists “folder” in the Playlist page dropdown), the popup does not show any of those playlists for me to select as a destination.

  • When I then created a new playlist for the track, Roon seems to have set up another Playlist Folder and called it “My Playlist” containing the track I added - as if perhaps I was a different user?

  • So now when I go to the Playlist page, the drop down in the upper left lists: My Playlists, Bruce Playlists and the Shared toggle. I have been referring to each of the first two as a “folder”.

  • I have no idea why/how the original Playlist folder was named, Bruce Playlist, by the way, because I can find no place to rename it. Does Roon automatically use the first name of the account owner?

  • Even when I pre-select the Bruce Playlist folder on the Playlist page (upper left corner), when I navigate to a track and try to add it to a Playlist, it only gives me the playlist contained by the My Playlist folder as a destination choice.

  • Basically, I can no longer 1) add tracks to any playlist contained in the Bruce Playlist “folder”, or 2) I cannot add a new playlist to the Bruce Playlist folder (only to the newly created My Playlist folder.

What to know:
I have a Core located on my iMac (original location) and a second on my Innuos Zenith. I only use one at a time. After using it on the Zenith after adding it to my system, I recently changed the Core location from the Zenith back to the iMac location so I could do more upsampling.

I just installed the Roon update.

Thanks for the help

Hi @Bruce_Orr ----- Thank you for the feedback! I have went ahead and made your PM a public topic.

Continuing forward, is there anyone else in your household currently using Roon? Is it possible that you have another profile “selected”? And just to reconfirm, you have “shared playlists” toggled to the “on” position correct?


No other users.

I do not even know where/how to select other users. Let me know and I can check.

The same Core is selected in all locations.

Yes. I have shared toggle selected.

Eric - regarding my issue. I’ve discovered - belatedly - that for whatever reason Roon created - I presume because I unwittingly triggered - the creation of a second profile. Perhaps because I changed from using the Innuos Zenith as the Roon Core to a Roon Server with the Roon located on an iMac? I believe it was because after that happened I stated noticing “Added by Bruce” began showing up when new music was added to the library. I didn’t know why, but just ignored it.

So my question now becomes: How can I get the Playlists consolidated under a single User? Can I merge the two users? What are the steps to take so I can consolidate the playlists, and delete the unwanted second user without risking losing any of the playlists in the process?

thanks for your help.

Thank you for touching base with me @Bruce_Orr , the insight is appreciated!

I would recommend changing the “owner” of the playlists in order to consolidate them into a single Profile. For example…

Say I have two profiles: “Eric’s Profile” and “Eric’s Profile #2”, and I want to get playlists from “Eric’s Profile #2” over to “Eric’s Profile”. I would select “Eric’s Profile #2”, navigate to “playlists”, and then for each playlist perform the following:

  • Once a playlist has been opened, select “edit” from the “3dot menu” at the top of the screen and when the “edit playlist” window opens you will see a section that says “owner”.

  • In this field I will switch the owner from “Eric’s Profile #2” to “Eric’s Profile”. I would then repeat this process for my other playlists and confirm that everything I want is now present in “Eric’s Profile”.

  • Finally I would delete “Eric’s Profile #2” once all my adjustments have been made.

I would recommend making a backup of your Roon DB before the above is performed just in case something goes wrong, you will have a way to get back to where you started.


Thank you. quick question. both of my profiles have the same name (Bruce). Is there a way I can rename one of them so I make sure I am putting playlists into the owner I wish?

The two user names for the playlists are My Playlist nad Bruce’s Playlist and I cannot determine which of those goes with which user name.

Make sense?

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I got it . No worries. It was not intuitive, but I determined which of the two users both identified as Bruce now had all the playlists.

I accidentally clicked on the user icon on the Overview page and noticed that it changed the blue “Just Added/New” banners in the albums below it.

Then I clicked on my use name in the upper-left Overview page and it brough up the two users, ith the active one checked.

then I went back to playlists to see which of the two Playlist folders was empty. Then I deleted the user.

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Thanks for the follow up and sharing the steps you took to remedy the issue @Bruce_Orr. Appreciated!

Happy listening!

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