Addition to the Headphone rig help please

Ok I am currently using a Burson 3XR headphone amp and Dac. At present I just use my IPhone to stream Tidal to it via USB

My Roon Nucleus is in another room so cant be connected to the Burson.
Are there any decent not too expensive options to look at so I can use Roon in my HP set up too?

I could replace the Burson I guess but looking for maybe something short term . I have heard about the Raspberry Pi but to be honest dont understand what it does really

Any guidance appreciated

Hi Steven,

what you need is a Roon endpoint that you connect to your DAC instead of your phone. A Raspberry Pi 4 would be the simplest solution, of course there are always more expensive alternatives.

So all you need is a Pi4 (2G), a power supply (official Pi PS), a (small) SD card, a case, USB cable and Ropiee XL. You could also use this setup to stream from your phone via Airplay, i.e. you don’t need any cable to connect the phone.

See the Ropieee Manual how to setup the thing.

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Ok I have just sussed that I could use my IPad too.
I can play Roon through this, so if I connect this via USB like I do with my Iphone this would work.
Not sure about how MQA works with this …probably not at all

You could add a streamer such as the iFi Zen Stream (lots recommend it on here) or the cheapest option would be a Pi.

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I will look at this as I do like their products. I had the Micro BL and it as excellent value for money.

Just to add I would not be able to hard wire the chosen device to either my Network Router or the Nucleus.
Would the above two suggestions still be appropriate?

@Michael_Harris is the Zen Stream expert here :slight_smile:

Both solutions will work perfectly hard wired, which is generally the Roon recommended solution.
I have a couple of Pi based and a Zen Streamer and all are good. The sound from the Zen Stream is great and I really like that device. I have it connected to an original Zen Dac, but I imagine the newer models will be even better (especially the signature edition).
You have USB and SPDIF out and you can use them individually within Roon.

Hi Michael
Thanks for the reply, but like I say I am unable to hardwire as my headphone rig is upstairs.

Yes understand, but we always have to recommend hard wired :grin:

The Zen Stream has WiFi and should work well enough with Roon, but I do no Lt use it that way. It also works with Airplay, Tidal Connect and Spotify connect making it very versatile. I have tried all of this and they worked really well.

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I just put together my first Raspberry Pi for Roon. I had to go with the 4 GB model because the 2 GB version is out of stock everywhere and I was a little impatient. :slight_smile:

I’m using it with my headphone set-up and I’m happy with it.

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How about keep the iPhone as an end point then a Camera kit and an Audioquest Dragonfly Red or Cobalt

MQA included and infinitely portable.

I use an ipad like this for outside listening

Just looked at the Pi option and this is not for me , no way do i want to build this myself. I am a lazy music listener and I would want a ready made solution. Thanks for the input though

This would not be using my Burson DAC/Amp though so would not make sense to me
I already use the IPhone camera kit with USB to connect my Iphone to the Burson.

Sorry if I have misunderstood your post

Steve to be fair building a Pi is actually very easy even for a non technical user, so I wouldn’t let that part put you off
I am guessing that you are looking more for plug and play then?

You can certainly use the iPhone with the camera kit to connect to the Burson especially if you already have everything you need.
It could at least be your starting point for testing the setup

Yes …or to be honest just leave things as they are if it becomes a bit complex
It is no big deal not to use Roon in my HP rig as Tidal streams great and does the job.
Roon would be nice but not at the expense of simplicity

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This is how I have it set up now. It is in my original post :grinning: :grinning:

Ah sorry I only joined when Raz tagged me and I am on a boat on Loch Lomond at the moment :grin:


I am now very jealous…beautiful up there. Enjoy

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