Addition to the Headphone rig help please

But if you want simple streaming from Tidal and Roon I can certainly recommend the Zen Stream

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If your WiFi is strong and stable then I can recommend a Pi running Ropieee. I just use the on board pi4 wifi, no dongle.

I use one into a Zen DAC for my comfy chair headphone rig in the family room. The Pi also powers the Zen DAC via USB.

A very cost effective option for getting Roon into your cans.

Whenever I have experienced streaming issues it’s always been an ISP issue and nothing to do with Roon, the Pi or Ropieee.

Infact I will say that Ropieee is absolutely superb for what it enables a Pi to do. Fantastic job by the creator / owner.

I don’t need any new endpoints ATM but when I do I’ll be adding more Pi with Ropieee.

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The “XL” part is not really needed if you’re only using Roon.

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On Ebay here in the UK there is a Raspberry Pi that is already put together with it all ready to go with Roon. I think all I would need is the mains lead. This is at £125…now that nay be an option to see how it goes.
Thanks for the input , much appreciated

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Actually before I buy the above Pi just a final check.
The Pi would connect to my Burson by USB?
I could then use my IPad as I do now to use as the Roon remote?
The roon remote would work in exactly the same way?

Actually the cheapest way would be a Google Chromecast Audio puck…
Everyone tends to forget about them…lol.
No new ones so it’s eBay for a used example but at well under a $100 it’s as simple as can be.
I have three of them scattered around the house and they can even do 24/96 hires.
Connect by either mini Toslink or RCA analog.

Roon sees them as endpoints Instantly


Steve easiest way to test this is just to buy a bare Pi 4 and run it off any phone charger with usb C. Add an 8gb micro SD card and off you go (may be a usb to micro SD card reader if you don’t have one).
Total cost about $65 last time I purchased.
You can add a nice case and power supply and decent USB lead later on

(And maybe a micro HDMI to HDMI cable)

Besides being discontinued, there are a few problems with Chromecast Audio:

  • works only with WiFi
  • unlike RPi, you can’t add a screen
  • S/PDIF limitations (e.g. non-discoverable DAC).

There’s one advantage though: it works with YouTube Music and Spotify. It’s a shame Qobuz is still the only real option with Roon…

But as a simple, cheap, reliable and non techy Roon endpoint it is near impossible to beat!
I think I have had two dropouts on my units total in the 3 years I have had them, hard to complain about and all of them are set up to upsample to 24/96 via Roon DSP over wifi.
Your points are valid but all depends on your end usage and requirements as to whether these might be right for you or not.

I think I might sell my spare one on eBay and then retire as they start hitting record high values :grin:

But yes they are an excellent simple solution for as long as Google still support them. I wish they had made a newer model to replace the original.

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Completely agree but about typical.
Come up with a simple stout winning unit then kill it and not replace it with an even better unit.

I guess they could not have sold enough or similar.

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Google get themselves a hit.
let’s kill it boss it might get in the way of search revenue :see_no_evil:

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I guess that Google is following the example set by Logitech and the entire Squeezebox line. :rofl:

By the way I was going to suggest picking up a used Squeezebox Touch but then I did a quick search on Ebay and saw that the Touches are now selling for more than a Pi unit. Stick with a Pi.

I presently have 4 Touches all running Roon and they all sound great. The EDO (enhanced digital output) app enables the Touch to output 192kHz via USB. Very cool.

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The Chromecast works with Ethernet, you just need to add this:

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Nice, I didn’t know they had that. Can you find one though?

Nice to know but I have never seen one for sale.
Fortunately the wifi in these little pucks is pretty robust so for myself I have not felt the need…yet…lol

I have used a few of these as they are included with the CC ultra’s
They have worked extremely well playing 4K Netflix etc.
I have never used music properly out if them Though as I have other ways to play music

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I have ordered the Raspberry Pi off Ebay, it as already configured for Roon so hopefully it is reliable and if it is its a no brainer to get Roon into my headphone set up.
Thanks again to all who contributed.


I think a good choice, especially if starting out.
It’s easy to get Roon running if there is an issue with what is delivered
Good luck


The Pi is on its way, I admit after a lot of reading I am a bit concerned about it introducing noise into my set up so we will see
I have a fairly revealing set up I think , with the Burson Conductor 3X Reference feeding some Abyss 1266TCs at present. These are a new purchase and I am struggling a little with the fit, but I hope I can solve this as they sound tremendous.

If the Pi introduces noise I know there are other products like Jitterbug etc…but I really dont want to go down that rabbit hole :grinning:

I would imagine the Pi could be easily sold on of its fairly new and I would have to spend a bit more cash

Thanks for all of the help and posts