Advice on streaming

I run Roon on à Nuc8i3 Connected to a Hegel H190 via USB,
I am wondering about the benefits to use a streamer like the Auralic Altair G1, Some reviewers are very positive but i would like some opinions from home users :grinning:

You may want to hold fire as the Hegel may be Roon Ready soon … see the following which shows the H390 running Roon Bridge.

Yes i also checked the video :+1:,
Last i heard was Q1 2020 for Hegel & Roon,
Was just thinking if there where other wins for having a separate streamer between H190 & NUC ,
but will wait for it anyway :grinning:

Whilst I’m confident that the Hegel is designed with “noisy” computer USB input in mind, you could buy a relatively inexpensive Roon Bridge and move the NUC away from your listening area.

There are many options including DIY Raspberry Pi devices and ready made retail products (some also use the Raspberry Pi inside.) I think the Auralic Altair G1 is overkill for this; the Aries Mini (discontinued would have done the job.)

Off the top of my head you may want to take a look at the

  • Allo DigiOne (USB on Raspberry Pi only) – ready assembled version available
  • Allo USBridge – ready assembled version available
  • Metrum Ambre or Mini Ambre (no USB)
  • Auralic Aries Femto
  • dCS Network Bridge

I’m sure there are others.

Thanks for input, Will check this option,

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I use a Sonore ultraRendu with Hegel H190 - this is an excellent combination IMHO. Roon ready will have to be pretty good to beat it. Highly recommended.