After latest update my Library got mixed up :-(

Roon Core Machine

running ROCK on an Intel NUC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

LAN Connection - Ubquiti hardware

Connected Audio Devices

auralic aries G1

Number of Tracks in Library

~3505 Albums

Description of Issue

just found out that my library got mixed up - I usually sort for by “date added” to have the latest albums I added on top. The last time I checked everything was fine. Today it was a whole mess. Albums (round about 40 of them) that I have added years ago suddenly appeard almost on top.
I wanted to do a restore from one of the previous versions and went to the backup in the settings area. According to the system the latest backup had run on February 14th. When I try to to a restore it can only find files from the last year! Looking directly at the file system of the NAS (QNAP) where I store the backup files I can see that the last time a change happened was on Febuary 14th.

I am frustrated and irritated. Can you explain and help?

I am having the same issue with my Intel NUC based Roon ROCK server (with attached external USB drives for music file storage) after updating to the current update (Roon Version 2.0 (1212) early access) a well as at least the last 2-3 Roon Rock updates. It’s happened with all the updates lately where it will rescan my music library and add a couple dozen (or a couple hundred last time) albums as ‘new’, when they were already in my library. My post on that is here. I have not tried to restore the database though, like you have.

Hope it’s OK for me to reply in your support here – seems exactly the same problem, and I’d like to see what the fix is.

Thanks , Barry, for adding your comment in this post. Let‘s hope for a fix.

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Hi @Richard_Strasser,

While the team investigates your report more thoroughly, we noted you’ve designated your Backup location to the same folder you seem to have listed in Watching Folders for your Roon Library.

To simplify conditions and avoid corruption risk and other errors, we recommend you Backup to a different location that you’re using to store your Roon database.

We’ll provide updates as we look into your case further. Thank you!

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