After updating to 1148 USB drive not being recognized on Nucleus [Investigating - Ticket in]


I can confirm that there must be an issue indeed.
On the weekend 4 days ago I switched from early access back to production because I plan to restore a backup on another core for a second home. And since I’ve been back on production release, some problems have just disappeared.
While I was still in early access, I kept getting messages like uh, oh… looking for your roon core… getting playback interruptions and also occasionally a crash of the Rock with a complete system reboot.
I originally suspected a hardware issue with my NUC8I7BEH2, 1 x 8GB RAM stick, but now I’m pleasantly surprised that everything seems to be running smoothly again. Without the slightest drop-out, the NUC (with fan) no longer gets hot, but only lukewarm, as usual. So far.