After updating to 1148 USB drive not being recognized on Nucleus [Investigating - Ticket in]

Have you gone to Settings > About to see if that triggers the update for your Nucleus?

Hi Geoff,

As I still have version 1133 I have the message that an update is available, but as 1148 seem to cause issues in some cases with Nucleus and external USB drive I’ll wait for a fix to be published before updating to 1148 or later.
I have no idea on how to update the OS and Roon labs software without updating the server software

You don’t. It doesn’t work that way.

Thought so, tks for your time

H @Wes
The issue still exists. First nucleus crashes and then after forced restart the usb library disapoears. I can restore it your way with check disk but it is only for a few days. We all have less and less time for music and now it is even less. Please help!

Hi @Jacek_Czarnecki,

From what I can see on our side, you’re not running the most recent version of Roon which should help. You’re on build 1148 and 1152 is the most recent. Please go to settings>about and update your devices. From there, please let me know!


Hi, @Wes.

I have a ROCK instance which did not receive 1152. There are threads on this. I know the release notes for 1152 indicated it would go to all linux platforms, but I don’t believe it actually did. Any chance you can take a look?

Here’s a thread for reference:

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Wes, if I may interfere: The latest announced one is 1154 (not 2) according to the announcement, but I have seen quite a few posts by RoonOS users who didn’t seem to have received it.

There was some speculation among users that 1154 may have been pulled by Roonlabs due to the issue in this thread (where you also commented), but no confirmation from Roonlabs as far as I know.

Maybe you can investigate this?

(I have earlyrelease, so don’t know what it would look like if I had production)


Seems like 1152 (54?) is not available here. It
says roon has the most recent version.


I can confirm that there must be an issue indeed.
On the weekend 4 days ago I switched from early access back to production because I plan to restore a backup on another core for a second home. And since I’ve been back on production release, some problems have just disappeared.
While I was still in early access, I kept getting messages like uh, oh… looking for your roon core… getting playback interruptions and also occasionally a crash of the Rock with a complete system reboot.
I originally suspected a hardware issue with my NUC8I7BEH2, 1 x 8GB RAM stick, but now I’m pleasantly surprised that everything seems to be running smoothly again. Without the slightest drop-out, the NUC (with fan) no longer gets hot, but only lukewarm, as usual. So far.

The question (not the topic of the thread, but it came up) was whether production ROCK users should have build 1154 as announced by Roonlabs, because it doesn’t seem to be happening for everyone. And your screenshot confirms that after switching to production, you also have 1148 and not 1154. So it does seem there is some kind of issue or inconsistency.

(But earlyaccess issues were not the topic here :slight_smile: I have none on ROCK, by the way)