Airplay 2 now on - sounds good, but will that enable my Samsung TV?

As far as I know, the TV has Airplay 2 - and at least it has some kind of Airplay but has not been visible in Roon until now.

Well, with the new update that has Airplay 2 functionality, I would have expected to see the TV in the Audio list… but it isn’t there. Is there something I misunderstood about Airplay or Samsung, or something else? :confused:

You mean like this:

Congrats - it works for you!

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I updated to the newest version but I cannot see Airplay2. my stereo HomePods are still visible as separate Airplay devices (not airplay 2)


Similar here - all Airplay 2 devices show as Airplay.

Well, apart from those that do not show at all.

@musicjunkie917 - Could you reveal what you did to make it work?

Hi @Jorgen_Winther, and @Slawek_Kumka - please ensure that your Roon Remote devices are running the newest update as well. :+1:t2:

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Thanks - reinstalled but it made no difference.

The same here, all Airplay 2 devices show only as Airplay devices. What needs to be done? I would like to use a HomePod mini pair as Roon endpoint.

Both HomePod mini devices of this pair show only as individual Airplay devices.

Okay, I will just queue the Airplay - not needed anytime soon anyway.

Are you sure you have the new version with Airplay 2? I have not been able to get the new update. My devices still say Airplay. Perhaps they ran into a last minute problem with the new version.

I got an update just a few hours ago - agreed to install it, restarted and rebooted a couple of times after that, believing that this may be needed, but I still see only Airplay, not Airplay 2. My ROCK says:

Btw., it has been running for more than 4 seconds, but the counter needs a browser refresh to update…

Same problem for me, those devices with airplay2 showing as “airplay” which are not working in old version Roon stay the same

Not seeing update for roon server or App Store update yet.

My Sonos Five show as “Airplay” with the new update build 1432.
In the early access version I tested about a month ago they were shown as “Airplay 2”.
Playback is working fine, though, but I’m wondering why that happens.

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I have checked it, but on the AppStore there is NO new Roon Remote. I have the latest one.

i have checked, but there is no update

Same here. Germany.

I have the new version but do not see Airplay 2:

The iPhone, however, has only build 1413 - no newer version is available.