Airplay: no Album Art on Yamaha Receiver

Saw an old thread about albumart problem over airplay is solved in 1.2.
Unfortunatly I can’t see albumart if I use airplay streaming.

Airplay streaming is to a Yamaha RN-602 Receiver and the Yamaha control app didn’t show the albumart. Track title and artist are displayed correct.
With Spotify I see the Spotify albumart in the Yamaha app.
And using Roon playing to my Squeezebox Touch I see the Roon albumart on the display of the Touch.

Any idea?

Anything new on this issue?

Hi @AE67 ----- Thank you for the feedback and my sincere apologies for the troubles here. In order to accurately evaluate this issue you’ve been experiencing I’d like to gather the following information from you. Please see below.

  1. Can you provide me with a brief but accurate description of your setup as seen here.

  2. Based on your feedback I see that you are making use of airplay streaming. Can you please expand a bit more and provide the details of your network configuration / topology, as well as providing insight into any networking hardware you may be implementing.

  3. Can you please describe the “chain” of devices/communication to me.
    For example: Core (wifi) - > USB Out - > DAC - > controlled by Android device.


Hi @Eric,

My Setup:

Roon: Version 1.2 (build 161) stable (64bit)
OS: Windows 10 Pro

Manufacturer: ARLT
Board: Asus P8P67 Rev 3.1
CPU: Intel i5-2500K
GPU: Nvidia GForce GTX 560 Ti
Audio: Onboard

Router: Fritzbox 6360 Cable

Roon plays audio over Airplay to a Yamaha RN-602 Stereo Receiver
Receiver and PC are both connect with Ethernet to the router.
No other device involved.

Streaming and display of track and artist are flawless.
Only problem is I see no album art in the control app of the yamaha.
Not a big problem for me, cause I normaly don’t use the control app.

Thanks for your response

Just my 0.02 cents here, as I run a Yamaha 3060 A/V receiver in my setup.

The Yamaha rn602 includes Spotify Connect, so naturally you are able to see the album art in the Yamaha iOS app, as its fully integrated into your reciever.

Roon is not integrated with your Yamaha reciever, it is simply a part of your chain. This would be the same for many other streaming services that are not ‘built in’ to your receiver.

I believe that roon will quite successfully send the album art to your Yamaha, and it will succesfully display the album art on your display (television), but I have never seen thr album art show up in the Yamaha iOS app.

Only reason i use Yamaha control app is to control volume…

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