Album Arts Mixed Up on Roon Library Page as Viewed on iPad

I’m having this same issue the 2nd time in one week, whereby 2 albums got consecutively copied onto Music Server and the album art of the prior album become identified for the latter album and there’s no way to override. I tried to save the album art into the folder of the latter album and going to metadata preference to choose Artwork/Prefer File and this did not. I tried copying the URL of the Album art onto metadata preference and this did not work either.

However, when you go to the actual details of the album, the correct artwork is there. Only, the actual tile on the library page shows wrong art.

Furthermore, iPad and iPhone show different information (See Attached)
Facts: iPad firmware all up to date, Roon upated to latest version. My Library so far has close to 3,600 Albums.

Please assist. Thanks.

Hi were these two albums copied into 2 different folders on the music server? (Typically Artist/Album/)
Are the album art file names the same?
I’m thinking this might be some sort of OS or Roon cashing issue.

As a test for the iPad/iPhone can goto Roon --> Settings --> Setup
and then click on the “Clear Cache” and then restart the application

@Chris_Nguyen can you give us the details of your setup, in particular your Core platform, storage device, and how exactly you are adding music to this folder?

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@ Carl. These 2 albums were copied consecutively, in 2 different folders that are named differently. The ,jpeg for album art are also named differently.

@mike. My system is a SOtM SMS-1000SQ-WE (4TB) loaded with Roon Core. It comes with a built-in ripper drive running on dBpoweramp. When the CDs get ripped, I always make to look for where it gets saved and made sure there are NO 2 different CDs sharing the same folder file.

@Mike @Carl. Please see below another illustration for the same issue which happened 3 days ago, which stopped me from recording new music. All the albums circled on the illustration have their own separate folders. They did not get identified by Roon automatically. I had to modify search and able to identify them using Roon. I then copied the preferred album arts in .jpeg and insert each differently named art in the propoer album folder. When I went to metadata preference, I clicked Artwork/Prefer file; the artwork showed up correctly on the Album Detail Page and on the Library Page for couple hours then switched to what is showing on the illustration.
What gives? This is really baffling me. Please help.

Hi @Chris_Nguyen ----- Thank you for the follow up and the feedback. Both are appreciated!

Just to clarify, you mentioned the following in your initial report:

“Furthermore, iPad and iPhone show different information”

Is the iPhone displaying the correct album artwork? My apologies, I can’t expand that screenshot to see what’s going on there :innocent: Furthermore, have you tried reinstalling the application yet?


@Eric. Hi, [quote=“Eric, post:7, topic:24819”]
Is the iPhone displaying the correct album artwork?

Yes, the iPhone is displaying the correct artwork at that time while the iPad is displaying the mixed up album covers. This situation is still unchanged on the iPad and the iPhone is now mirroring the iPad incorrectly.

Did you mean to say reinstalling the App on the remote devices (iPad and iPhone)? No I have not. @Carl suggested that I clear cache also but I haven’t done this being afraid that it would clear all the settings for other albums. I have 3600 albums copied so far and lots of them require customization such as merging/combining properly and associating artwork properly not to mention relabel some metadata. I do not want to lose these settings.

Please provide further guidance. Thank you.

Hi Chris,

@Carl’s advice is sound: clearing the image cache in the iPad (and/or iPhone) will only delete images cached locally on the the device and may help in case there’s some corruption there.

That (or reinstalling the apps on the remote devices) will not touch your database with all of your grooming.

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Hi @Chris_Nguyen ---- Thank you for touching base with me, as Rene has mentioned in his post. Clearing the image cache and reinstalling the application on your remote devices will not harm any of your edits in anyway.

Let me know how it goes!