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I am getting around 31 fewer albums when I sort by “by date added” than I’m getting on all other sort options [eg, artists, most played all the same number] on my Macs and PC. On my iPad, I’m getting around 300 fewer albums in my collection however I sort. I have re-booted the nucleus + and the network and the various devices several times

Check that all devices configured the same to show same options and no extra focus options are active on each remote. The browsing options are for each device so for example show hidden albums and tracks can throw you if it’s on on one device only.

I agree, it sounds like you have “Show Hidden Albums” enabled on the macs/pc, but not the ipad. Try adjusting this setting so it’s the same on both devices and see if this resolves:

Having similar problem here and no there are no hidden albums. In fact albums seem to just disappear from time to time but fortunately re-appear if I restart my ROCK device. This new handling of the database is fundamentally flawed in some way. I’m confident that the problems will be resolved but a statement regarding the update would be welcome.

There were no changes in the handling of the database other than better detecting corruption during backups and browsing. Unless you are seeing warning screens about the database at those points in time, those changes are not relevant to whatever is happening with your system.

Albums going away and coming back sounds like a problem related to the media that they are stored on. Can you describe that a little bit better? Is this an internal drive? USB? Network Storage?

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A number of us in these threads have experienced the “disappearing album” count since 880/882. This has happened to me twice since the upgrade. The solution has been to relaunch the Roon Server app on the core or reboot the core, which restores the original count (no albums have actually been lost, of course). This has never happened (to me) prior to 880.

See here: Album count dropped from 1061 to 743 over night


I had the setting set differently on one device and have now changed it to show hidden albums on all 4. One thing to note is that my library is stored on a qnap and there are no issues with it and the count is correct on some library sorts but no on others.

Problem resolved; thanks Brian

Internal (SSD) storage on ROCK. You might be correct but it is strange that Home and Albums show different results.

The home screen count always includes hidden albums. The albums page shows the number of albums visible in that view, which may exclude hidden albums based on your settings, so for most people with default settings, they are different.

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Thank you for the clarification - that was, indeed, the reason for the differences. I am still a little puzzled as to how the numbers in the picture below were obtained?

Can you suggest any reason?
I’m not too concerned as the situation has not recurred since restarting my ROCK device.
Keep up the good work on this software that has brought me so much additional pleasure from my music collection. A very happy Christmas to you and all of your colleagues in the team.

That mismatch is something else we are working on, related to the recent release.

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