Album differences between Tidal and Roon (and MQA issue)


there are circumstances that for me are issues about the compatibility between Tidal and Roon:

  • Tidal shows one album but Roon shows two album that are the same (totally the same) or Tidal shows two albums while Roon shows three

- TIdal shows two same albums but different versions (normal and deluxe or special edition), if I add one (normal OR deluxe) Roon will not show the other version in “Main artist’s albums” anymore (this is the most serious issue)

  • If I am in the mobile version of Tidal, and I add an album that is in TWO format version (normal and MQA) but I am in the mobile so I cannot understand what is, If I chooce (randomly because I don’t see the version in mobile) the “not-MQA” version, I will never know that for that album there is a MQA version because into Roon I will never see that double format version album in “Main artist’s albums” anymore

Hope my english was clear enough to explain especially the second issue that for me is very important.

Hey @RiseFall123! Thanks for the feedback here – we are working to make some improvements in this area.

The TIDAL section of an Artist page is designed to show you albums that aren’t already in your library, so once you’ve added an album to your library it will no longer appear in the TIDAL section.

We are working on some ways to ensure the TIDAL section remains easy to use, while also giving you easy access to other versions of the albums in your library. This will be part of an overhaul of our metadata that we are working on now.

Some of this is covered in more detail here:

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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