Album split by roon [solved]

I bought the Junun by Shye Ben Tzur album from Qobuz. When Roon imported the album it separated the first track from the rest effectively creating two versions of the album in my library.

In the first only track #1 exists, and in the second album all the remaining tracks starting with track #2 exist… How can I combine both into a single album?


I have noticed the same phenomenon lately.

Hi guys,

Select both albums and use Edit/Merge Albums.

I haven’t used Merge a lot recently, but it used to have an intermittent bug where it would merge to a previously merged album. If I was doing a lot of merges I would restart Roon after each merge to avoid that.

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I have experienced the merge issue after Roon split a number of albums. Not good stuff.

Aha. I just had that happen yesterday, thought it was my fat-finger mistake.

I filed a question about how to take them apart afterwards.

Merge Albums is extremely weak design IMO, as well as buggy.

I put in a ticket four months ago which hasn’t been addressed as far as I know. (Redmine 12415)

Trying to repair albums is tedious and not always successful. I hope Roon will spend time getting the basics right concerning the importing of files.

Yeah, that screen needs some work, and an improved design is coming.

That said, if files are tagged properly with a reasonable folder structure, this shouldn’t happen:

@Mercman @cas @thijazi – would any of you guys be willing to take a look at any albums we failed to group properly, and report back on the folder structure and tags?

If things look sensible, maybe there’s a bug here we can fix in parallel to the implementation of the improved “merge” design.

Mike, when I was ripping my collection I would occasionally get split albums in a seemingly random way. I was sending the dBAmp output to an organised folder. The only thing I noticed was that splitting was more likely to occur if I opened the album to look at the tracks before ripping had concluded.

Perhaps the organised folder was attempting to identify the partial content and that occasionally resulted in it splitting albums. I didn’t compare ripping into a non-Roon folder and dragging to an organised folder.

Thats a good point.

@Mercman @cas @thijazi any of you guys using organized folders?

Hi Mike,
I use the organized folders and I don’t use the watched ones.
If roon splits the album I merge it again, Until now I haven’t noticed that the album is split the second time in “everyday use”, but after a disc optimization (defragmentation) it sometimes happens.

Hi Mike,

I just ripped “This Guitar’s in Love with You” a Various Artists Burt Bacharach compilation. I sent the output to a non-Roon folder and then dragged it into an organised folder.

Roon created folders as follows:

Various Artists/
Burt Bacharach_This Guitar_s in Love with You (containing tracks 6.9 and 10)
This Guitar_s in Love with You (containing the remaining 13 tracks)
This Guitar’s in Love with You (containing the folder cover only)
Tommy Emmanuel/This Guitar_s in Love with You (empty)

Nick Charles, Tommy Emmanuel (empty)

Nick Charles/This Guitar_s in Love with You (empty)

This resulted in one album being added to Roon with 10 tracks only. Tracks 1,2, 3,11,12 and 13 are missing. Tracks 6,9 and 10 are in the Roon album but in different folder as above.

I looked at the tags in the two directories with tracks and they seemed identical.

If you would like to look at the media please remind me where to send it.

I just launched Roon after adding an album (’s Bomb the Rocks) to a watched folder and it created the album correctly with all tracks plus an additional album with just track 6 in it (which is still correctly shown in the other album). The files in the watched folder are all correct. Presumably I just tell Roon to hide the imposter?

Are you sure track 6 is in both places?

@mike Well, an identical track 6 was shown in both albums. I didn’t try to play the one on its own, I just opted to hide the album Mike.

@mike Roon still insists that this album with just track 6 in it exists. Is choosing to hide it the only option of getting rid of it ?

Edit … I’m sure that somewhere this file will have been accidentally inserted in my watched folder and Roon is simply finding it. I will find it eventually :grinning:

Ha - got it! Found a duplicated track and deleted it. The amusing thing is that when I’d done that, the phantom one track album didn’t disappear - the track in the complete album did, leaving me to merge them together. All helps with the learning curve though :grinning:

@andybob @mike I have had problems like this when peeking at the album before the network copy is finished. This is a watched folder, not organized. I made the same assumption, that opening the album prompted Roon to try to identify it and it then churlishly refused to revise its opinion.


I am showing a lot of split albums. I created a focus looking at all the Tidal albums I added and saw a bunch that looked like duplicates. But when I click on the album, there would be just 1 or 2 tracks sitting in it and other rest in the other album. I’ve been merging these and sometimes it will say there is an issue, do you want to merge anyways. Other times it just merges.

I also notice when viewing a Tidal album not part of my collection, it would be complete, but then when I add to library, it splits it.

+1 noticed the same from Tidal too.