Album Type question

I notice that if I edit any album to an Album Type other than “Main”, it shows up in “Singles & EPs”. Is there any setting I can change to make albums I set to Album Type “Other” to show up in a separate category? I’d like to have my single artist compilations/box sets show up in their own distinct category, separate from “Main” albums and “Singles & EPs”, and hoped that by setting them to “other” album type, this would happen.

Right now, there are only two sections on the artist details page (Main, and everything else) but feel free to look at the #roon:feature-requests category and open a new thread if you don’t see one that describes what you’re looking for.

I know we’ve had some requests for more customization on the Artist page, so definitely let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll take it under consideration. Thanks for the feedback!