Album view in playlists

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This request was split over many topics, I’ve merged them into the original topic.
I’ve you’d like this feature please vote in this topic so that the votes aggregate together.

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I fear you may have confused things rather than clarified them by merging these topics :-/

My request is that when I add an album to a play list it added and played as a unit in album track order rather than having the individual tracks added to the list.

This is distinct (though admittedly related/orthogonal to) the other issues (view playlist by the album a track came from / show album art etc.) which you have now conflated. … and also perhaps related is the recent Spotify change (hailed by Adele) to recognise the integrity of albums.

Is there any way you could undo your change?

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Well, unfortunately after just a few weeks I wont renew my subscription until the possibility to have an album view in a playlist is introduced…

I also would love to see a playlist by Album

+1 for this from me as well.

I was so glad to find this thread but also a bit frustrated. It seems this has been requested for so long and it’s still not there! I would really like this too as I have spent ages organising my favourite albums in Qobuz into “playlists” so I can find albums that fit into a certain collection for me, and the desktop Mac apps show them as albums beautifully.

I only recently explored them properly in Roon and was gutted to see the albums in each collection “playlists” spread out as tracks. Yes you can click on a track and go to the album, but in some of my “playlists” I have a lot of albums so it’s a lot of scrolling and then watching for the album artwork changing and trying to work out if that’s the one I want. So I don’t use Roon at all when I want to use this feature and revert to my Qobuz apps, but that’s a shame I can’t stay within Roon. To go through all of them and now tag them is double the work and not going there.


Another dissapointed lifetime user for not having this. Come on! It shouldn’t be so hard!

Did you vote at the top?

No! Will do it right now :slight_smile:

Please make this happen…

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Please vote at the top.

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BUMP! Still want this!

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