Album view in playlists

totally agree, seeing all the tracks is silly and confusing, album view would be more synthetic!!

Please, please, p-l-e-a-s-e… can we have an album view of a playlist?

Just bumping this request that I know has been discussed at length.


Bumps really don’t have any positive effect. Witness the responses here -

Neither does this -


what is an album view of a playlist? Is that the albums that the tracks came from in a list?

That’s one interpretation. Another is a grouping, by album, of the songs in a given playlist. Either way works for me.

Here is one use case: I keep playlists of recently ripped/downloaded albums in my library, grouped by genre (and sub-genre). It’s nice to see these as a collection of albums, rather than a long list of songs.

Here is another use case: tagging. I want to apply tags to a collection of albums, maybe grouped as described above. However, if I “select all” the songs in a playlist and apply a tag, they show up as individual tracks in the TAG view. Yes, I can then select something to view by album, but I have to do this every time I traverse into that tag grouping.

This falls out of the reality that I do primary library management in iTunes. I really can’t flip completely over to Roon; I am trying to get there via Focus and Tag features, but I have a ton of playlists. And, I still need to rip new CDs, export audio for my Walkman (work use) and thumb drive (car use) using iTunes + Dougs Scripts.

I can see what you mean but I don’t see it happening as the current underlying mechanism is based on you being able to add a single track to your library independent of the album. So they would have to create a set of code to do this. Not saying it isn’t valid or anything like that, just don’t see it happening given all the other things roon has to fix and has promised.

And of course, as you say, you doing everything in iTunes makes it twice as complicated for you.

Well, look at the Tag View (if you have created any tags and applied them to albums or tracks).

There is a drop-down on the upper-right portion of the page that would be perfect if applied to a playlist.


I’m not saying it isn’t a valid ask just think it is an edge case.

For you, I get that.

Search on: “album view of playlist” in the Roon community and see how many times this has been requested and read the follow-up posts in the top search hits.

No I don’t mean For Me I mean that it is a fundamental add to the software and given the things that roon have committed to, and this isn’t on the list, that it will be down the priority list.

You’re right. I will stop posting in the FEATURE REQUESTS forum.


Ha! Then where would we be :wink:

This is one thing that iTunes has right. Hierarchically organized manually curated playlists. Not that hard to maintain. Super efficient and effective way to browse your own music. Roon does not support that, has got that wrong.


Please consider offering “album view” for playlists in Roon and Qobuz.

It would make choosing an album MUCH easier if you could just see album icons. Of course being able to toggle between track view and album view would be be part of this.



Yes. Like in iTunes!

Focus on MQA format is already available.

Take a look. No need to manage a playlist for this.

I’d like to drag this request back to life. I too wish there were other ‘views’ for playlists. Lists are just so uninvolving. I’d like to see album cover view and let me choose how large/number of covers to display.

I realize that this has been brought up before but is there a reason that you cannot make a playlist with a grid view of just the album cover? The standalone Qobuz app allows this but once you are in Roon then even in Qobuz the feature is not available.

I often like to make a playlist of one performer or conductor that I like but Roon forces the track view without an option to view by album.

I have seen this request made for over 5 years. It seems simple and users are asking for it. Any chance that it can be implemented. If not then what is the reason.

I love Roon otherwise…

I know that this has been asked for many times already but nobody seems to be listening at ROON. A feature that Audirvana has and which should be a simple to implement as an added feature to the interface.
For me this is a serious missing feature that takes away convenience in using ROON.

Please consider allowing “Album View” for playlists. Alternatively create a new area under “My Library” for “Album Playlists”. It would be great to create an easy way to round up all ones favorite albums by a group or artist or orchestra and get to them quickly in one place after weeding out the ones that do not appeal. I realize that one can always do a search but this would be much more useful and user friendly.

The Qobuz standalone app allows this but that function is removed in Roon.