Albums beginning with "A" not sorting properly

I know that Roon does not read the album sort tag (even when it exists / most time this is not in the file but in Apple Music’s database). However, I seem to find that all of my albums beginning with “A” are sorting into the A’s. So, “A Faust Symphony” and “A Hard Day’s Night” are both in the A part of the Album list (sorted by title) while I think they should be in “F” and “H” respectively. “The” is properly ignored for sorting, so for example The Adventures of Tin Tin is in the “A’s” and not the “T’s.”

Am I missing something? (I tried to see if this was posted, and my search attempts all came up blank - although I think the terms “A”, “Sort,” “Album” are so common that it may not be popping. Apologies if this is a repeat.)

I’m on Roon 2.0 build 1211, Mac OS 13.2.1. My library is local. The Arc iOS app shows the same sorting as the Mac.


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Belated thank you for these links.

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