All albums gone after update last night

I updated my iPhone, MacBook and Roon Core (Silent Angel Rhein Z1) last night en after the update all my albums are gone. I only had albums from Qobuz in my library and I can see Qobuz albums but my library remains empty. I selected a back up and after this was returned there are still nu albums in the library.
HELP! :relaxed: What to do?

Have you tried going to Roon Settings>Services and logging out of Qobuz and then logging back in?

Yes I did!

Not using a Rhein but remembered this topic

Hi @kraaijcheck
I have moved your thread to the Tinkering section as Silent Angel Rhein Z1 is not an official Roon licensed Core machine.
Hopefully the community can assist you further.

Thanks! The strange thing is I can see all the Qobuz playlists in Roon that I liked, but nu albums or songs that were in my library. In Roon I can search for albums in Qobuz and just play them. What can go wrong?

When I select Qobuz in Roon I can see all my favorite albums. When I select overview in Roon I can’t see these albums. When I select songs I can see all the songs I once liked but they are all “not available”. I can see the same list again when I select Qobuz in Roon en go to favorite Qobuz songs and they are available over there. What can be wrong that I don’t see al this in overview?

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