Allo Boss DAC review

Thanks. If they didn’t sandwich the sides between the top and bottom this is less likely to happen.

I send the request to shipping and will check how they pack…

Thanks Johan,

Order placed.


Dual PSU will be available in about 2 weeks.

Johan is that going to to be 5V and 19V together? Fit for Vana? I sellotaped up the broken base of the case whilst waiting for the replacement so I could go ahead and try it out. First impressions of the case is that for an acrylic unit it is similar to the IQAudio ones but seems to snap together a bit better and the corner posts look better. On the negative side the slot in the case for the sdcard is so narrow, and the sdcard fits flush with the case, that you can’t remove the SD Card without disassembling the case. Disassembling is very difficult as the peices snap together tightly. This is a major flaw that should be rectified in any future production runs and bourne in mind for any metal case.

Yes it does both 19 and 5 volts and is supposed to have less than 5mV ripple. Allo still testing though

Yes designed for Vana

Ok I passed along the info on the case/sd card

We are getting consistent under 5mV of noise on both 19 and 5v…but our testing equipment has a noise floor of 4mV. So we think that noise is even lower.

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Hi Tony

you have a RPI2 right ?
The only problem on the SD cards is on RPI2. We are changing the design and will ship a replacement side acrylic to everyone that needs it (we will ship it even if you don’t need it)

No I have a Pi3

Ok then just use a small screwdriver to push in/out the card. Should work.

That is for a pi2 I believe (although I don’t have any) the RPI3 isn’t “spring loaded”.

Both models have an integrated microSD card slot, but the Pi 3 has a friction slot, rather than the spring-loaded slot of the Pi 2.

I got them mixed up…we have changed the design on new casing and will ship a free replacement of that particular side to everyone that ordered a unit with us

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Hello , any news about the RPI + Boss aluminium cases? Thanks.

First batch…we rejected. Quality was not up to standard. We expect new samples next week.

Just got the Allo Boss dac delivered straight out of Dobritch (Добрич) within a day.
First impression: tiny, no manual whatsoever
On PCB mentioned version 1.2.

Intended to run it on a RPI2, but for some reason the fresh DietPi did not give me the choice to install roon endpoint software.
Put the Boss on a RPI3 which has DietPi with Roon endpoint already running.

No problem with high sample rates:

Works flawlessly

Will tweak a bit over the next few days, am liking the sound so far.

johan: Is it possible to MOD the Allo Boss to use its own power supply, to split power RPi from Boss? If so, would it help with audio performance or it´s not really needed?

It is possible , we have a doc on the website explaining how. Depending on how clean your PSU is , there will be an increase in sound quality . Is it worth the effort …? It really depends on personality (some will find it amazing , others will find its not worth it)