Allo Boss DAC review

Does anyone know when the next Allo dac will be out? I’m looking for a new player but as I’m not in a big hurry I think that maybe it is worth waiting that one?

You may be in for a long wait. The Boss is pretty new and pretty good!

Hi Johan,

Just received my PSU, much bigger than I expected, but that’s probably good.

But, there are no cables with it and there is no information on the website nor in the box on the pinouts or a likely source of cables/connectors. The connectors look like PC PSU Fan supply cables, but I now need to adapt one to feed a micro USB cable and one to feed a plug on the Volt Amp. Could you let me know the pinouts and what size plug I need for the VOLT Amp (5.5mm x 2.5mm for example).

Lastly there is a crack in the case between the two DC out sockets. Picture attached.

Overall I am impressed with the design, but disappointed with the actual implementation and delivery. I think at least the DC out cables should have been included and the spec available for all pinouts etc. I am aware that this is a new product for you, but the release cycle should take these things into account.


Hi Robert ,

We will send you a new case and cables. I informed CS about it.

We will update the Dual LLC PSU pages this week.

What you have bought is Zero Voltage Switching quasi resonant PSU. Basically its a SMPS that has low switching noise. While I cannot say its as quiet (to the mains) as a linear…its very close

On the output (19v and 5V) you have 2 capacitance multipliers that reduce the noise to extremely low levels.

Thanks Johan,

Super quick response and missing parts are already on their way. I fully understand the issue with new products and getting them out the door asap. I must say I am really impressed with the board, I am sure it will perform as well as you say, the layout and quality looks fantastic.


Hello , any news about the RPI + Boss aluminium cases? In May you rejected the first batch… did you manage to get correct quality ones? Thanks.

Last batch was received and accepted. We will announce the date soon (for alu casing)

I haven’t seen the Boss DAC on Amazon for quite awhile. Are there any plans for a return?

First pics of accepted boxes. Please be patient , we sent the new files for Boss , USBridge and Digione. It will take a few weeks


Wow these are lovely ! And look modular. Are they ?
If it’s modular, here we have the bottom for Sparky, and the top for Piano 2.1 I think. You’re going to add tops for Boss, USBridge and Digione, but also Bottom for RPi, right ?
Also, you made the right choice of colors :slight_smile:

…and now I just discovered digione, I wasn’t aware it’s already available. I think I’ll still stick to the Boss, but it’s good to know we have the choice.

Yeap modular :slight_smile:

Also, if the screws could be black on the back case, that would be perfect :smiley:

Of course. They will be.

Wow, I can’t wait!

Hi Johan

Any “rough” idea when the aluminum cases will be made available on the website?

Do you have a bundled Boss + RPI3 + Case + PSU bundled package? I’m not seeing one off hand.


I have an Allo Boss and compared it carefully with my old setup, here are my results:

Setup 1: RPi 1B + Audiophonics Digi + Musical Fidelity M1 DAC + BC Acoustique EX888 + Cabasse Galion 3
Setup 2: RPi 3B + Allo Boss + BC Acoustique EX888 + Cabasse Galion 3
(btw the EX888 is a tube amp and works really well with the Galion 3)

Both setups are really excellent, and are a pleasure to listen to. They are both precise, crystal clear and sound natural. I heard no difference in terms of spacialisation, both are great. But when comparing, the Boss is slightly better. The difference is really small, but:

  • when listening to cellos in the low frequencies (eg 1st symphony of Gustav Mahler by Ivan Fischer in Budapest) and to some electric bass, the Boss goes deeper, and has a better definition. It’s as if the really low frequencies were missing on the setup 1. They are here on the Boss :slight_smile:
  • when listening to voices (eg Norah Jones), setup 1 seems a bit flat compared to the Boss, and the high frequencies of the voices are a bit more detailed on the Boss.

Conclusion: I really had to listen to a lot of music during lots of days in order to differentiate the 2 setups. But I finally found that the Boss is the most enjoyable. And really cheap compared to the ~550€ Musical Fidelity M1 DAC!

Now , I really need the black aluminium case for my RPI + Boss :wink:

I was just about to press the checkout button for the Boss with acrylic case when I scrolled this far down in the thread! I might wait if the alu-boxes will be avalible soon? They look amazing, and with shipping to Norway I think I’ll wait if they are. any news on the metal cases for Allo products?

are you going to answer when the metal cases will be available? I was an early adopter and have one of the acrylic cases with the slot that is too small to extract the sd card meaning a case dismantle every time. I would really like to order a metal case.

Would a pair eyebrow tweezers help? Worked for me…