Allo DigiOne board


There’s the fantastic Ropieee: or

(Hiroaki Kitano) #532

Thanks a lot!
I am trying now. It is on-line. all configuration set. but still can’t see from Roon yet…

(Hiroaki Kitano) #533

Thanks a lot! I will look into this.

(Hiroaki Kitano) #534

It is on-line, it responds to ping OK. configured thru browser. but Roon do not detect it…

(Martin Webster) #535

What did you install? DietPi or Ropieee? Have you gone to Roon -> Settings -> Audio and enabled the DigiOne?

(Hiroaki Kitano) #536

I installed Ropieee.
Roon->Settings->audio does not show RasPi/Ropiee.

am I missing something?

(Martin Webster) #537

Open the Ropieee web interface and check that Audio Hat is set to Allo DigiOne. Then click Commit Changes followed by Save Changes. Finally, click on Reboot and Yes.

(Hiroaki Kitano) #538

oops… I got “Connection Refused” at the last part… after clicking “YES” for Reboot…
can I just power off and on for rebooting?

(Hiroaki Kitano) #539

now, managed to reboot… now I can see it from Roon!!!

Thank you very much for all of you!!!



(Hiroaki Kitano) #540

I compared with DigiOne, Digi+, and Linn akurate DS digital out
I did serious AB test between linn and dCs networkbridge and confirmed these are almost identical.
Now I think DigiOne is slightly better than Digi+ and almost equal to LINN
Slight tonal difference but not clear which one is better
Ay be hard to tell if this is blind test
Very interesting results

I think it is intersting to up-grade power supply and good looking chassis
Any suggestions ?


(Martin Webster) #541

I doubt there will be any perceivable benefit in using a linear supply with the DigiOne. It takes pretty good care of noise using low-dropout regulators and galvanic isolation. I understand that output noise is less than 50µV.

Nonetheless, if you do try, I’d be interested in your findings. When I have some time I may use the accessory output from my amplifier’s linear power supply and put it through an LDO to feed the RPi. However, after buying the DigiOne I think the benefits are moot.

(Rick Ruffin) #542

What power supply were you using in the AB testing? If you were using the Allo supplied wall wart, then I can say that using the iPower modified switching power supply ($50) made a great improvement in the sound - deeper and more solid bottom, less strident high and richer soundstage. I am wondering about another upgrade - linear power supply or some type of battery. (Researching a DC to DC converter so that I can use a commonly found 9 volt battery to run the 5 volt needing DigiOne.)

(Martin Webster) #543

According to Allo, their wall wart is designed for audio use … just like the iPower. I own neither and remain sceptical about claims that such devices including linear power supplies and batteries can remarkably improve the listening experience on an RPi-based transport.

(Rick Ruffin) #544

OK. Hope you get the chance to compare. I was able to do as described with the results mentioned.

(Rudy G) #545

My experience is that changing power supplies indeed are interesting and I experienced noticable differences.
I’m not familiar with Raspberry, therefore I did not have a specific 5V adapter for the Pi.
I started with the one from my smart phone.

Then I put a power bank in between, just to try if it would make a difference. No specific brand, as it was a marketing give away from a (non audio related) supplier. I urge NOT to use this 24/7, since I’m not sure if power banks are designed for this type of application. I just tried this to experience myself whether battery DC power would make a difference.
IMO it did.
Later on I tried different linear power supplies. IMO this makes another difference.
There are also differences noticable between different LPS’s. Which one is best I think will probably depend on the configuration of your set up.

(Bill Soukoreff) #546

I concur with Rudy. I bought a Teddy Pardo with the mini USB cable and it is awesome with the Digione.

I also posted earlier about isolation for the case. Improvements as well. Still waiting patiently for the Aluminum case.

(Rudy G) #547

Such a coincidence, I happen to like the Teddy Pardo as well, which is now powering my Pi/DigiOne.
It’s just that I’m IMpatiently waiting for the alu case.
But in the mean time I simply can enjoy the music form my DigiOne in the plastic candy box (posted that pic some time ago).
Funny how time flies…


Really? A $300 power supply for a Rpi3?

(Rudy G) #549

Yes, but don’t forget that the DigiOne adds about $100.
It might sound strange but you need to acknowledge 2 things:

  1. The Raspberry is an incredible piece of technology, made available at the lowest cost possible
  2. The DigiOne is an incredible piece of technology, also made at a relative low cost (but no economy of scale like the Pi)

What you get combined is seriously high quality music reproduction at an incredibly low price point.
Imagine you get BMW M3 performance while paying for an entry level VW Golf. Then it makes sense using 98 or 100 octane petrol or premium Y index tyres for high speed, which you otherwise would never consider.
A CD transport like the Mark Levinson ML-37 still outperforms the Pi+DigiOne, like a Ferrari outperforms an M3. The car analogy might not be completely correct.
Yet the Pi+DigiOne really perform that good, that a serious power supply noticably complements the hardware, putting the performance a notch higher and justifies for the additional cost to me. As ever, YMMV.

[Edit: typo corrected]

(Bill Soukoreff) #550

Yep, and I actually got money back after I sold my BDP-2 which it shamed. My combo with a nice SPDIF cable beats my friends Lumin S1 (yes I know, radically different comparison). My front end is a fraction of that in dollars. And I can upgrade the little Digione or USBridge whenever for a tiny outlay of cash.