Allo USBridge board

(Mark) #1372

I also use the AC-56U wireless adapter on my USBridge, it has been pretty much rock solid up until this week when I ran the update to the latest DietPi. I have also had the same issue as you twice since the update, my Router ASUS RT-AC88U can see the the USBridge and appears to be connected properly but Roon cannot see the USBridge as a networked device in the audio settings.

My USBridge is left on 24/7 and I have seen this happen before, it’s usually been after a re-boot and I have got over the issue by pulling the AC-56U out of the USB socket and plugging it back in. We had a power cut during the night when it last happened and I had to re-boot.

I’ll keep an eye on this, if it happens again I think we will have to get @Dan_Knight to look into it.

(Derek Morais) #1373

It happens to mine everyday I get home from work I have to reboot it manually. I’m going to try to just run Dietpi non GUI version and see if that works next.

(Mark) #1374

No problem with mine this evening.

(Angel Catala) #1375

In my USBBridge, I only want to use Signalyst’s NAA so I disabled from Allo GUI the other audio software (RoonBridge, Airplay, etc.), but after an update they seem to be enabled again, so I disabled them from systemctl disable command. I have also unistalled them, but after every DietPi update they are again installed and enabled.

Is there a way to make them permanently disabled, even between DiretPi updates?

(Sean) #1376

Install the stock Sparky version from DietPi website… this has no web GUI code.

(Angel Catala) #1377

With the Allo version of DietPi I can play native DSD128 on my DAC. Will I play native DSD128 with “original” DietPi version?

(Sean) #1378

May depend if there was a special patch made by Allo… which DAC?

(Angel Catala) #1379

Rotel RC-1590 integrated DAC. It uses an AK449x (AK4490 or AK4495, I am not sure right now).

I used DietPi with Raspberry Pi3 and I only could play DoP. I didn’t expect see DSD on RC-1590 display.

(Sean) #1380

I don’t know about that DAC… I would be guessing if I said it should work fine…

Maybe better you keep things the way they are if it’s working.

At least your current inconvenience doesn’t involve re-opening the unit each time to flash the internal eMMC card.

(Angel Catala) #1381

I thought the same. The only thing I have not to do is frequently update DietPi, as far as it isn’t necessary.

(Sean) #1382

Dan Knight himself has said if things are working fine for people, there’s no urgent need to update…

Even though I knew this, I could never help updating all the time and often watched things break :grin:

I’ve had enough practise now that I can now open the unit and re-flash the eMMC card as quick as a Formula 1 mechanic changing a tyre…

(Mr Fix It ) #1383

You might also try if you only need Roon Bridge this is possibly better updated for dsd, especially if you are running rpi and not Sparky

(Angel Catala) #1384

In the USBBridge I don’t use Roon Bridge but NAA (Signalyst’s networkaudiod). Does Ropieee run on Sparky platform? It didn’t use to run.

(Sean) #1385

Best for NAA is Jussi’s recommended/tested UpBoard Gateway. Load his NAA image as bootable USB flash drive. No ssh required and you get the best NAA experience always.

Very low power consumption too.

(Mr Fix It ) #1386

Sorry you mentioned RPI above with a DAC

(Angel Catala) #1387

I have the UP gateway in my mind too as a second USB transport. I guess I will try it in a few weeks too. I wonder if I will get native DSD from the Jussi’s NAA image.

DoP works fine, but the akward pops when the DAC goes from PCM to DoP and viceversa drive me crazy.

(Angel Catala) #1388

It’s fine @wizardofoz, there is no problem. You have read the post when I answered to @Sean2016, that I used DietPi on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ a few months ago and I only could play DoP.

Thanks for answering.

(Alastair Roberts) #1389

same happens to me. After a while (days?) Roon can no longer see the Bridge. Usually a quick reboot of the Bridge resolves the issue, but its quite annoying especially for any non tech user of the system.


Can is use the USBRIDGE as NAA and Roon Endpoint at the same time?

(Ranjan Dash) #1391

Hello everyone,
recently I bought into the Roon ecosystem and enjoying it😁. In the living room, I have separate vinyl and digital paths till the main amp. And then the headphone amp (Cayin HA-1A MK2) is connected to the tape out of main amp (unison triode 25). I find it a bit wastage of power as I need to switch on both tube amps to listen to headphones. Hence it would be economical to build a separate path for headphone only for digital music. For vinyl listening I never use the headphones.

I am considering trying out the allo stuff for my headphone stream. What would be the best way to configure a Roon Endpoint using allo gears?