Allo USBridge board


No. But I would expect that a reboot of a USBridge is possible. If not it’s not working properly


A screen may tell you how far it gets, if it gets anywhere.

(Tom den Heijer) #1414

Lately I am having strange disconnection on my allousbridge running dietpi (latest version). It runs nicely for a couple of days and then stops playing. In roonbridge It still recognizes the bridge. I can ssh into the allo and also gui is working. I do a sudo reboot and then it does not come online anymore until I pull the plug and reconnect the power of usbridge and sparky. Any ideas?


Do you turn off your DAC? Then this could be a possible solution for the behaviour:

(Tom den Heijer) #1416

Not that I am aware off. I have a meridian explorer 2 just connected to the USB. But I can try this setting

(Brian Starewicz) #1418

Same issue here. USBridge is no longer appears on the Roon device list. A manual reboot (powering on/off) fixes the issue but it is very annoying.

(Angel Catala) #1419

I think I have met with this issue this afternoon. I am running NAA on the USBridge, with latest DietPi version. Suddenly the music has stopped playing with no reason.

I have transfered the stream to the Allo DigiOne with RoPieee, that never fails :grinning:

(Ranjan Dash) #1420

Thanks everyone! Finally I ordered katana. I also got a DigiOne Signature and replaced my AURALiC mini :grin: surprised with the quality of DigiOne sound with chord Qutest! It beats AURALiC mini with lps by far!

Cannot wait to get the katana.

I am a fan of Ropieee. Will katana also support Ropieee?

(bevan court) #1421

So, I have been critical of the Usbridge, mainly for the issues with turning off DAC’s and it’s unwillingness to talk to my PS Audio Sprout 100. I’ve since changed to a Schitt Modi 3 for DAC duties. The Usbridge seems to be working faultlessly with this, I’ve even powered the DAC through the Usbridge, completely resolving the power issues. Got to say, an improvement over the Pi. Not night and day, but slightly more air, slightly l larger soundstage and better definition of strings.

Happy with it again, seems like it was the USB receiver in the Sprout that caused the problems.