Allo USBridge Signature

FYI: I tried to order the USBridge today and it was unavailable. I was told from sales that the new “USBridge Signature” would be available in 2-3 weeks.

It looks available on their website today when I looked, although I want to see some reviews prior to purchasing. I would probably get their Shanti PSU at the same time.

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Just be aware that it is the board only, the Alu case will hopefully be available next week.

Yes, I was a bit confused and couldn’t see the option for the case.

Case is now available. :slight_smile:

I have the “old” usbridge version. Do you think there any point upgrading to the signature version?

I have the Sig on order @tahsu I will let you know how I go. I am not expecting any difference in sound but you never know. I am looking forward to being able to use Ropiee.


Are you going to be using it with the Shanti power supply @oneofmany? I would be interested to hear your impressions, thanks.

Hi Ross,

I have not ordered the Shanti, I may do at a later date to power the old USBridge as it requires the two feeds but the Signature only requires one feed (USB-C) and my Meridian Headphone setup has its own LPSU.

The Shanti has to be a no brainer for the price alone. I have read about quite a few teething issues with the first batch supplied to customers so I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Sig. ALLO do seem to have a fair few assembly issues crop up but their customer service has been very good, at least for me.

I had a Shanti here a couple of weeks ago. It’s no beauty but what I really didn’t like was that the unit had its own sound signature: it emitted a slight humming noise. Only audible when no music was playing – still a bit inconvenient / irritating because one doesn’t always want to switch off a device right after the music stopped… …maybe one of the teething issues Mark mentioned, I didn’t research it. Also, it may not matter depending on where the unit’s placed and how far away from the device one’s sitting.

Sending the item back for a refund was no problem. As also stated by Mark, allo customer service is up to the task. They didn’t let me down so far.

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I use the Shanti with the DigiOne Sig- I haven’t experienced the humming issue that @anon47919701 is talking about. The only issue was that when it shipped with US power cord, the voltage was set to 220. Allo support found that and since switching to 110, no problems. I use it to power the DigiOne, which requires two supplies. It is quite big and ugly tho :laughing:

I was hoping that the unit I had was the exception. :slight_smile: Maybe others who have a Shanti as well can report. Because, depending on how well the USBridge Signature works in the field, I still consider to add a Shanti to the potential USBridge Signature order.

Hey @spockfish I have installed Ropieee on my USBridge Sig (many thanks, will donate soon). I have been trying to get it to work with my ASUS USB AC56 wireless adapter. I can’t get it to recognise or show up on the Ropieee network tab. I thing the AC56 is a Realtek chip so it should work?
Is it compatible or am I just being stupid?

Hi Mark,

2 things here: first you ran into a bug that prevents WiFi to work in general on a Compute Module (the board used by the Sig); secondly the ASUS uses a chipset that’s not supported (yet).

The first issue I’m gonna fix in a patch release tomorrow; the second is more tricky because I can’t test it as I don’t have that hardware…

What we can do is that I add that ‘blindly’, and then we’ll see if it works for you…


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Thats awesome Harry, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

I’ll ping you in the weekend when the update is out.

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@oneofmany update is out. Can you verify?

Awesome work Harry, works a treat.

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How is USBridge Signature fairing. Interested in this or SMS200 Neo to replace NUC in my headphone rig, I had an original bridge but got rid of last year as I found it unreliable at connecting to the DAC as it would just drop off all the time, that and I hated DeitPi.

Hi @Simon_Arnold3 it’s going well, at the moment I have it set up in a downstairs bedroom with a wireless dongle. It is feeding my Explorer² currently and it sounds surprisingly good. I have a iFi iPower feeding it which is plugged straight into the wall. I would like to try it with a Shanti but couldn’t see the point in having a dual LPSU and only using one side. I haven’t experienced any dropouts with Roon although for some reason it keeps disappearing from my client list on my router, this hasn’t affected playback which is weird. It could be a 5Ghz thing as the signal it week in the downstairs bedroom, 2.4 GHz is solid.

When I make back to the main bedroon it will feed my Meridian Prime via Prime LPSU, they will all be plugged into an iFi PowerStation and I am really looking forward to testing this out.

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Cool let us know how you get on. I’m likely to go for the sms-200 as I can use my existing LPSU I use on the NuC so saves me a few quid. But interesting to hear how its holds up, I likes the sq of the original but reliability is key for me as much as sq.

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