Allow Roon to output at greater than 48KHz on my HiBy R6 Device


I’ve posted about this in the support section, if it not bug then … I’d like a feature request :slight_smile: Love the software, great job!

This is an Android device and the OS will resample any stream to 48kHz. Consequently, Roon does this first because it does a better job than Android.

Not on these DAPs it’s doesn’t. Roon assumes all Android device do and is fudging things. It really should leave it to the os to decide not the app.

It’s a Roon issue in this case, as Hiby bypass the android restrictions for all apps and can output at the sample rate of the source. Roon seems to think all Android devices are the same and resamples it for you. It’s not aware it a) has a capable DAC, b) it does not resample audio.

Thank you for the reply everyone. @support would you guys look into this matter please?


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Edit to add:

I see from various other threads in here that Roon have not fixed this yet. Oh well…

Curious to reinvigorate this thread…

Did this output issue ever get resolved?

Am looking at the Hiby DAPs for mobile use but having it as a home use Roon endpoint outputting at full source quality would be a nice bonus.

No all Android Roon downsamples or upsamples dependant on what the device says it’s base rate is.

Just use SBPlayer and enable in Roon the SqueezeBox support. This allows 24/192kHz streaming on DAPs

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And is not officially supported by Roon.

And it is still a viable solution to the roon developers lazyness with the mobile apps.

You can use RooUPnP extension to play to the HIby using UAPP UPnP Render or any other UPnP renderer, this works better than SB player as its not resampling at all which it does to one rate.

This works like a charm and lots of awesome options as well.

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