Allow tags to be AND-ed together, similar to Focus, instead of just OR-ed

When selecting tags to narrow-down My Library content, the tags are combined with a logical OR: for example, selecting the two tags “instrumental” and “classical” shows content (such as albums) that is EITHER instrumental OR classical. So it shows symphonies but also operas and techno.

When selecting tags, I would also like the option to select that the tags are to be combined with a logical AND. In the above example, only content that is BOTH instrumental AND classical would be shown. So it would show only symphonies, but no operas and no techno.

This is related to, but much more specific than Bug 1.8 B778: Inconsistent behavior of selection logic using focus and/or tags .

i like that solution:

but maybe need a “Box” to collect those “AND” or “OR” operations.

( ( ‘rating:3’ AND ‘smooth’ ) OR ( ‘rating:4’ AND ‘chill’) )

we could create so powerfull bookmarks and use the most of the potential roons’ tag-feature provides…

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