Amazed by some users' vast music storage

Frequently I’ll see users sharing that they have 5, 10, 20TB worth of music on their servers, and i’m like, holy crap.

I totally get that some folks have giant libraries, with thousands and thousands of albums, but wondering if they have such large storage needs because of downloaded HI-RES DSD stuff, or what.

I have about 1200 CDs ripped as FLAC files (15000 tracks), and my library takes up a scant 500GB. That checks out, as each album is approximately 300-400 MB, pretty much the same as a CD.

I have a FEW hi-res PCM albums. No DSD.

Not having size envy by any means, but just curious if this is normal.

(Or should I see a doctor? :slightly_smiling_face: )


Yep mines not at 500gb yet but mainly cd quality with some hires. 900 albums now. I am becoming less bothered about hires as my cd rips sound amazing on the whole and I keep buying second hand or just cheap CDs and rip don’t notice a huge uptick for a lot of them when listened to suposed hires on Qobuz. I don’t get DSD at all tried a few demo stuff and was left unimpressed.


ok, so that’s in line with my experience :+1:

Some say it’s life changing. I don’t doubt that for some, with esoteric systems and highly treated listening spaces, it is. But I can’t tell the difference in my living room.

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So… before the thread gets derailed, maybe we count my emoji as the complete editorial commentary on that, and focus on the storage thing.


I recently had to replace my 2TB spinning HD on my NUC as it went below 10% and I knew it would run out soon.
I own about 4,000 CDs and a lot of digital albums (damn those early 2000s when 128 and 256KB MP3 seemed reasonable). Got a lot of digital high resolution now as well as I still like to own my music.

So now I have a 4TB SSD which would have cost the price of a Nucleus a couple of years ago. Still just above 50% free on the new drive, so should last me for years ahead.


I still have a bunch of 256K AAC files I bought from Apple back in the day that I essentially ignore. :man_shrugging:

4000 is a lot. I would need three times the space as I already have to accommodate that many CD’s! I suppose an interesting side discussion would be “if you’ve ripped your CDs, do you still display (or play) them?”


Before my therapy sessions, I use to have near 6000 CD’s before the wife struck.

I now have 2.

Yes 2.

A whopping 1.14gb being taken up by them. Ripped in .wav on a 1tb M.2 SSD.

Now you can laugh.





I have two LP’s, no CD’s, and one DVD. My wife has a few CD’s and DVD’s.

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I have about 2,500 albums taking just under 1Tb.

Before coming here I thought I had a lot of music.

I was wrong!

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I make no claims to normalcy. :stuck_out_tongue:


details or it didn’t happen

No LP’s, no CD’s - Only 260GB of music.

Ripped all my CD’s more than 10 years ago - been streaming since then.


I’ve a musicologist acquaintance who’s also showcasing for a German high-end company in his large, converted countryside farmhouse with literally rooms full of mainly LPs and “some” CDs, stacked from the floor to the ceiling with tight paths between storage rows.
Tens of thousands of albums, mostly classical, and he’s got everything meticulously sorted, as well as he’s very much at home in telling background stories.
No computer or any sort of end-point in his listening room…


The World Famous Minimalist :sunglasses:

I am competing – I have nothing Physical, CD, LP , DVD or Books . I have been eBooks since 2010 , Sony Reader and 3 x Kindle .

My wife spoiled my record by buying a BOOK :smiling_imp: We’re looking for somewhere to put - no Bookcases


The only reason I have the LP’s is my brother made both of them and I’m the drummer on one. I bought the DVD when I got my Oppo 203 to try it out. I should sell it, the DVD.


Google John Peels record collection !! It’s world famous


Died at age 65 of heart attack. Maybe from worrying about his record collection?


Sadly young …

I listened his programme avidly in my youth

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