Amazon Fire HD 8" As Remote

Just seen one in Sainsburys £79.
Would this be good enough as a purely Roon remote.I m after something smaller than my current remote a mac book pro.
I dont want updates every time i switch it ones should i remove all apps etc.
What would you recommend ?

Running Rock/Nuc 7i5.

You can but you have to sideload it or the play store as Amazon don’t use it. You also have to adjust its dpi settings to I believe. There are a few threads covering it. Just search the forum and you should find some.

Could you recommend something else then ?
Just a simple Roon Remote app install?

Would an ipad mini 2 or 3 be a better/easier set up than Amazon Fire ?
As would only be used as a remote i could stick to a cheaper 16GB,do you think ?

Yes it would be easier.

Then disable everything, eg updates etc ?

If you want it just for Roon then the choice is yours. Personally I would just leave it setup as Apple intended.

@Bill_Janssen you got an 8" Amazon fire working didn’t you?

I did also, but rarely use it I use my pixel C or my phone mostly.
You do have to sideload and adjust the screen DPI.

Take a look here:

And here:

Search is your friend…just sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep. Quite well. But Roon is the only thing I use it for – it’s a dedicated living room remote.

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So do i get a new Fire HD or a used iPad mini ?
Would one be better than the other for ROON ONLY

What I like about the Fire HD is that it has a charging cradle. So it’s always on, and always fully charged. Just pick it up and play your music. Don’t know if you can do that with an iPad Mini.

I bought a fire 10 hd for Roon remote only. It was cheap at £100 but I don’t like it! It’s not as fluid as iPad mini for browsing. I also think think it is too big, although the 8 may be better I also get endless problems with it losing connection to the core. I have been through the forums and tried to sort it, but given up. Something about changing settings on router, but I just don’t get it . So it sits there doing nothing, and although cheap was a waste of money! . So I’m firmly in the iPad camp…

I’ve seen no problems, but (1) I never turn it off, (2) never let the battery run down, and (3) never switch to a different app. So not really typical usage – mine is a dedicated remote.

Oh, and one more thing which may contribute: I did not install Google Play anything. I directly installed the Roon APK from the Roon Labs download site. Other than that it’s stock Fire OS, Amazon’s fork of Android.

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Is that not a pain when it comes to updates? I see you mentioned turning Alexa off. I’ll give that a go and see whether it helps…

Roon doesn’t update the remote code that often. When they do, you pick up the tablet, fire up the Silk browser, click on the bookmark for the Roon APK download, and when the download finishes, open up Files, and double-click on the new APK. All takes a couple of minutes.

Remotes on Phones or tablets only auto update if you have it set to do so in the app store so I can’t see uodates being a problem on the hd fire.

If you sideload the Google play store and change the doin settings, it works pretty well.

I’v just purchased an iPad mini to use as controller.
Now I just need to disable I think so im not getting disturbances while tinkering with my music

I got a used Mini 3 when iPad support was added and I’ve been very happy with it generally. Both for Roon, browsing, YouTube etc.