Amazon Fire HD10 Controller

Amazon has these on sale for $75 with banner ads. So I figured, what’s there to lose?

I can always add the Google play store or root the whole thing.

The Roon App is now in the Amazon AppStore.

No loading apk’s required. Works great. Supports portrait and landscape.

Sorry if this is old news, but I thought I’d share an inexpensive way to add a nice controller to your setup.


Old news but you’re 100%!!

Best darn controller for the money. At $75 you can put one in every room of your house and still spend less than a single iPad. Truly magical how inexpensive and good these are as a Remote. Stop using your phone my friends and gets you some of these.


Where are the $75 ones? I’m seeing a much higher price (and yes I’m a prime subscriber)? Thanks!

I could not agree more! The Amazon Fire HD tablets are great Roon Remotes.

So I went on Amazon today and the same tablet I paid $75 for last week is now $150. I guess I must have hit a sale. Hopefully they’ll go on sale again. Black Friday is not far off. They do have refurnish for $85.

Yup. I’m running 4 in their charging cradles. Work perfectly.

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me too.
living room

Much nicer than using my phone as a controller. Also great to pass around when friends are here.

Ok, ok. Waiting impatiently for Black Friday deals. You all have convinced me.

:+1: I wall mounted one in the kitchen (hidden power cable). My wife uses it all the time and I know for a fact that she wouldn’t bother playing music in there if she had to organise it on a phone.


Early Black Friday Deals - back @ $75 USD.


Thanks everyone. I just bought one. Here’s the link, if Roon permits us to post Amazon links:

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Just got one, same day delivered!

Is there a way to put it into “kiosk mode” where when you pick it up it’s in the Roon remote?

Fire Toolbox. Works as advertised, in other words, an essential tool for any Fire HD owner who wants to make the most of these very nice tablets.

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Although there are some caveats / warnings about using it on Fire tablets. Basically ‘While it works today, we can’t guarantee it always will as Amazon’s Fire OS isn’t standard Android”

Interesting. Mine is already attached to my account (I checked the silly box during order because, well, why not I thought at the time). Is it possible to enable ADB after that? Seems like that’s the pre-requisite to putting the Fire Toolbox on. Thanks.

FWIW my Fire tablets are all attached to my Amazon account and they all have been fully “Fire Tooled” and all still work great.

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Ah. I can achieve all that I need by just pinning the Roon app and turning off Lock Screen. That doesn’t exist on iPad. I’m not trying to hard lock the rest of the folks in my household out of my HD10, just make it so that if I pick it up it’s basically a Roon Remote (unless someone was doing something else with it).


Go to the Amazon Appstore and search on Roon.

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@THOMAS_ROSBACK thanks. Someone just told me the installer was available from Amazon. I’ll find out tomorrow when the Fire HD arrives. I appreciate your response. Cheers.

Hey, thanks everyone for guiding me to these great devices. Does anyone know how to get them onto earlyaccess? The Fire store, unlike the Play store, doesn’t seem to have a beta track.