Android DAP with Roon?

Is there anyone using an Android based DAP such as one from Pioneer, AK, Fiio, Onkyo etc as Roon Player? If so can you get it to play at full resolution?

I can’t get my Fiio X7 to get pass 48 kHz despite having latest FW where the standard Android sound is supposed to be bypassed for all programs.

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Android end point settings are defaulted to 48 and lower. Go under device settings and increase the maximum cap.

If I in Roon set max resolution to anything above 48 kHz, I get an error when trying to play anything with higher res than 48k.

The above example is an 88.2 kHz 24 bit FLAC file

On the Pioneer and Onkyo you can only get higher res using the inbuilt player as it is the only one that can access the specific DAC(s) otherwise you are limited to stock Android resolutions.
My Pioneer will play high res using the built in Onkyo app but to roon it appears as a default device

That sounds like the default behaviour in Android and that’s supposedly how it worked in Fiio X7 before FW 3.x.x. However according to Fiio, all sound is routed through their SW and not the standard Android path.

Their own player does that as expected and so does Onkyo HF player. Roon indicated that highres is possible but it fails to play. Not sure if is is a setting issue or a SW issue within Roon, Fiio FW/OS or a combination.

I was in contact with Fiio support and they friendly implied that it should work but it would be very hard for them to solve a problem in someone else’s app, i.e. Roon.

I can get their built in player in Fiio X7 FW3.1.5 to work with highres and DSD and the Onkyo HF player works fine with both PCM and DSD highres so it is possible for other apps other than Fiio.

@support Can you help, please?

Info on setup is below.

Roon Core on Intel 5i with Win 7 or MacPro late 2013 with MacOS 10.12.4
Roon Bridge on IntelNUC, MacMini and Multiple RPIs
Roon Control on multiple iPads, iPhone and most importantly Fiio X7 with FW 3.1.5
All music stored on Synology DS1511+
Network is all cabled except for iDevices and X7, not network issues at all.

That the Onkyo player works is not a good example. Better to try another software like Poweramp and see if it can play true HiDef out.

Thanks, Daniel.

I’ll try with Poweramp.

However, why is HF player not a good example on a non Onkyo/Pioneer DAP?

Because that program was also designed to utilize non Android USB drivers. It is what I use to route true HD on my Samsung phone out the OTG USB cable to an external DAC. You want to test this with a program that was basically designed to run within the standard Android audio system.

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I downloaded PowerAmp and bought the Unlock.
I’ve played PCM up to 192 kHz as well as DSD, works just fine.

So Fiio Music, Onkyo HF Player & Power can play highres and DSD but Roon can’t (yet).

Excellent. I take it you like the player? How does it sound?

I really like, more than I thought I’d would

I’ve used it with the AM3 module and mostly using the balanced output,
It sounds pretty good, clear and neutral and no hearable background noise with one exception.
I’ve used Shure SE535, Hifiman HE560, Audeze LCD2 as well as Sennheiser HD 600 & HD 700. It works well with all of them execpt the HD 600. Given the impedance at 300 Ohm of the HD 600, I think it was to be expected.

The exception with background noise is related to using Wifi and buffering. Occasionally with Tidal, there can be some short noise just before a song begins to play. Although it can only be heard with my Shure S535s, which are infamous for picking up any noise. Otherwise it is dead quiet on the noise even with the SE535s.

Also use it in the car, where I can either use Bluetooth and then control it from the steering wheel and Navi/Entertainment, which is convient, or through Aux in. The latter sounds a little bit better but is not so practical. In the car, I also have an USB disk and my iPhone hooked up through USB. The X7 sounds best but the others are easier to use.

Finally, I’ve tried as a DAC and DAP in my office but Roon from my Mac Pro to my desktop DACs sounds better, at least as long as listening through speakers. Then again, the desktop DACs costs a lot more than the X7 so not that surprising.

To sum up, I think it’s pretty darn good, especially taking the price into consideration.
With headphones, it sounds great and offers a lot of functionality.
As a bonus it works well in a car and combined with a docking station, it is a decent desktop amp and player.

Just for the record and before scaring off other users, the Impedance of the HD600’s is 300 Ohm :wink:

Sorry, yes it’s 300 Ohm, was a typo. :blush:

@support Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Hi @qdtjni – while our Android app uses RAAT like other platforms, right now we don’t support lossless high res streaming on Android.

It is something we’re hoping to add in the future, but I don’t have a firm time frame to share right now.


Hi @mike,

Thanks for clarifying.

Note that the Fiio X7 (with FW 3.x) and X5 3rd gen Android DAPs bypass the Android mixer by default so it could be possible for Roon without having code that bypasses the Android mixer.

Alot of these dap apps do, but they then don’t allow access to those same drivers for other apps on the device.

Does fiilo allow tidal to bypass the android mixer too?

The only device that I have seen is my Z3 Compact using their hires via usb option, which works great with Roon in hires.

Unfortunately sony has done their usual thing and removed hires via usb from their new firmwares, stating MM and N have better support for hires, which is not the case, in this case. So I am using earlier firmware to keep the functionality.

If you have access to the Play Store from your device…then you can install Onkyo HF Player or USB Audio Pro Player…both of which have their own Driver, which allows them to bypass the Android OS restrictions of resampling to 16/48

UAPP has the advantage for me, because it allows you to access Tidal from within the App and play Lossless files via streaming at their native rate, without Android OS resampling…as well as local & SD Card files etc…the Onkyo app is local & SD Card files only

I already have full hires with roon to my hugo on android so those options are a backwards step for me, but thanks.