Android playback, stuttering and stops

Hi I’ve an issue that’s being ongoing for a month.
When accessing Roon on my LG V30 phone (software 8.0.0, latest update) as a music playback device the sound stutters/crackles endlessly when Roon is being displayed on screen. If I attempt to run Roon in the background the sound grounds to a halt within 5 seconds. It is unusable in this mode.
I’m accessing my Roon Core from QNAP TS 253A Nas via wired ethernet connection on Roon remote. Tidal (UK) Hifi subscription.and locally NAS stored content both act in same way.
Nas software is up to date, Roon server software latest updated version.
The phone is unusable as a music player. This happens on every track I try to play regardless of file type.
I’m getting extremely frustrated as a simple and much cheaper app, USB audio Pro doesn’t exhibit any of these problems when accessing Tidal. To be honest that app puts Roon on Android to shame. Considering what you charge this is unacceptable! This is meant to be a premium product and at present it’s bog standard on Android.
I’m still unable to search for content if Roon is displayed full screen. This is a problem that was reported at least a couple of years ago. Not good enough!
If it’s not resolved I believe Roon should cancel my account and refund the remaining money for the duration.of my contract.



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Whats the signal path to the phone in the UI? What are you playing on it content wise? Is this your only Roon endpoint? Does this happen anywhere else?

On Android you have to tell the os not to manage battery usage or it will constantly put it in the background. Is the wifi set to be on all the time on the phone even when it’s sleeping,?

One observation is that your NAS is under the recommended specs for a Roon core. Is the database running on an SSD ?

Not sure what you mean about can’t search unless in full screen. I don’t have any issues searching on Android pleae explain what you mean by this?

My phone (Roon Remote) is connected via WiFi signal to my home router. QNAP Nas is connected to same home network via ethernet. I’ve never had this issue previously up till amonth ago.
My phone is one of two endpoints.
The other is NAS > Raspberry Pi3 > USB > IFI IDSD Nano > Oppo HA -1.
Everything software wise is updated to latest firmware. My NAS (Roon Core) is used solely for this purpose. You setup probably doesn’t comply with Roons excessive recommended requirements but I think probably half the subscribers of Roon are in the same boat with a well functioning set up.
Apart from the problems I’ve detailed it works fine.
There seems to be a fair bit of dissatisfaction with Roon on Android and particularly on LG Quad DAC phones where we’re still limited to the limitations that Android inflict upon us.
USB Audio Pro lets me access Tidal Hifi, listen to bit prtfect playback and enjoy MQA (on my phone) Roon doesn’t despite there being lots of requests for this that are continually ignored. The Tidal app on my phone works flawlessly too.
Roon will not function correctly re keeping the phones keyboard visible when using the search function if the phone is set to full screen with permanent navigation buttons switched off.

Hi Paul,

First off, our apologies for the frustration here.

We are aware of this issue, and we have a ticket open in our internal bug tracker.

While I don’t have a timeline for when we will be shipping a fix for this issue, I can tell you that we recently added one of the LG phones in house, so when this ticket gets in front of our developers we should be able to resolve the problem.

We absolutely have changes planned for this area of the app, and nothing is being ignored. We keep a close eye on feedback like yours, and adjust our roadmap on a regular basis.

As usual, we’re not going to comment on timelines or make guarantees about our roadmap, but an overhaul of playback on Android is something we intend to do.

Right now, Roon does not support the “full screen screen mode” that’s available on some Android phones. We’ve investigated this and we believe search should work fine with full screen mode turned off for Roon. Are you seeing otherwise?

If support for full screen mode is important to you, definitely open a Feature Request so we can gauge interest.

Thanks for the feedback Paul, and sorry I don’t have a more immediate answer for you regarding the LG V30. We’ll make sure to post updates when we’ve made some progress on this issue.

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