Android remote -> QNAP Server -> Volumio

So I installed Roon Server on my Qnap, installed and enabled the Roon Bridge in my RPI Volumio… installed the Android Roon Remote App…

The Android Roon Remote connects to the Qnap NAS (When I enter the IP, if not, spinning its head of).

RS on Qnap seems OK, has a directory with files etc. Ive also linked up my Tidal account.

Problem is - how can I tell the server where to find the RPI Bridge? My network is not a flat RFC1918/24 setup, but multiple RFC1918 networks…

Can I somhow tell the core that the bridge is on IP: x.y.z.n ???

Plz advice, my 14 day trail is running :smiley:

Welcome to the community, @Edward_Fjellskal!

All Roon devices need to be on the same subnet.

The Android Roon Remote, you can manually enter an IP. My Android phone is on a WiFi with one subnet, the Roon Server on another. So that works. No need for the same subnet!

Then why should one not be able to tell the server to scan IP x.y.z.n to find a bridge :confused:

I can probably make an ssh tunnel from the RPI-Volumio to a host in the Qnap-Roon-Server subnet, that would work, but I would rather not!


See the following post. I can move the thread to #tinkering if you like since this isn’t a supported configuration but there are some who have got it working.

Hi @Edward_Fjellskal,

Welcome to the forum. As @Martin_Webster mentioned, we can only support Roon when Core, Remotes and Endpoints are on the same subnet. Since you have multiple subnets set up, you are in #tinkering territory, and I have moved your post over to this sub-section.

There are a few threads on the forum of users who managed to get Roon working on a non-flat network if you search around, but as I mentioned, these are not officially supported and you’ll have to try and see what works yourself.

Roon uses multicast for endpoint device discovery, and remote to Core connections, so a few have mentioned the need for an mDNS reflector:

Good luck!

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