Android Remote Shutting Down Immediately After Connecting to Core

Windows 10 PC (I5) with Roon Version 1.7 (build 521). This PC is dedicated as a Roon Core.

2 times Netgear WAC 730 for wireless | Home Router provided by KPN (optical / fibre connection) with model name VRV9517 (Experiabox V10a)

2 times Chromecast Audio, Windows 10 PC, A dedicated windows 10 Laptop for listening room. All have a fixed IP to prevent issues.

Roon works perfect and is stable on all endpoints. Only problem I have is that I can not use the remote software in my Android phone. It does work on my wife’s iphone and my ipad. The Android phone I have is relatively new (Mi9). It used to work as a remote but all of a sudden Roon remote shuts downs immediately after having made a connection with the core.

Hi @Jan_Willem_Van_Stuij,

Welcome to the forum! Which version of Android is your Mi9 using?

When the app shuts down, are you sent back to the main Android menu? Is there any change in behavior if you delete the Roon app on the phone and re-install it from the play store?

That is Android Version 10 QKQ1.190825.002

Hi @Jan_Willem_Van_Stuij,

Thanks for confirming the Android version, can you please let me know the answer to the other two questions?

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