Anomaly with Tags and deleting tracks [Resolved]

Hi @support

Am experiencing an issue with tags and deleting tracks.

My workflow is to work through albums, tagging good tracks as “Good Rock” “Good Jazz” “Good Party” , etc and once tagged I tag the albums as “Processed” and then I have bookmark to bring up all the tracks for albums processed which are not tagged as one of the “good” tracks, then those i delete. Upon deletion, the albums previously tagged as “Processed” are now not tagged atall. The tracks within the albums are still tagged, thank goodness, but the albums themselves lose their tags.

It’s not a huge bug for me, as I can retag the albums quite easily, but perhaps for others it will be much more of a pain.

Thought you should know :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this observations you have made with us @Sallah_48, the feedback is always appreciated!

We are going to take a look on our end and see what we can come up with based on the information in your report. I will be sure to share our thoughts/findings once testing has completed. Your patience is appreciated!


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Hi @Sallah_48 ---- I actually did not split the topic out, another support team member did but I agree with his decision as we try to keep different classes of issues separate to ensure each user gets the specialized attention they need.


forgive me but what does an issue with Roon tags disappearing have to do with IFI dac coax not working ?

Absolutely nothing, but Steve Jolley hijacked your thread with his question about the iFi dac coax not working - so Dylan moved his question out of your thread into a new thread…

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Oh!! Sorry… senior moment there :slight_smile:
thanks for clearing that up Geoff.


Hi Eric,

I was doing a bit more testing ref this bug and if I delete tracks in album view, all tags for the album are removed also. Ie it does not just occur when in tracks view as I mentioned above.

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Roon has to follow TIDAL’s definition of “adding” which you can see in TIDAL’s app as being “starred” – if you star tracks in TIDAL, and then delete those tracks in Roon, the star is removed and the content no longer appears in your library, in either app.

However, if you add an album, the “starred” content is the album, so deleting a track in Roon means “remove the star”, and the album will be removed from your library.

So for the moment this is working as expected – if you’ve added an album, there’s currently no way to say “remove some of it”, and there’s a good deal of added complexity required in order to give you that behavior.

For the moment, I don’t have a better answer here other than to open a Feature Request @Sallah_48 – my guess is that there aren’t lots of people importing TIDAL albums and then later removing some of the tracks (particularly since TIDAL content isn’t taking up any storage space), but at a minimum that will help us understand whether more people are running into this than we assumed.

Appreciate the feedback, @Sallah_48!

@mike none of the albums which I am discussing are Tidal albums. Forgive me if I gave that impression.

I am working through a condensed copy of my collection; actually the goal is to shoehorn it onto 4tb HDD in vanilla 16/44 for general use, hence the deletions of unwanted tracks.

So, to clarify … this removal of album tags upon deletion of tracks within albums phenomena is referring to albums which are locally stored, on a 4tb HDD connected to the core where Roon is located (my laptop to be precise)

Also there seems to be some confusion over stars/hearts and TAGs. I am referring to Roon Tags being removed from ALBUMS when i delete tracks from the albums.

Hope this helps.

Hey @Sallah_48,

Thanks for your patience while we have been investigating, and apologies on the confusion regarding whether these were TIDAL albums or local.

The behavior that you’ve reported is the expected behavior in this scenario. When you delete tracks from an album the album will typically re-identified automatically, which in turn will cause the album tags to be removed because this is seen as a new album.

For the process you mentioned above we recommend tagging the album as processed after the unwanted tracks have been removed. This will ensure that the album tags will remain in place.

Thanks again, we appreciate your feedback!



Ah! Ok, good to know. And thanks for the explanations.All clear now :slight_smile: