Anthem's new Audio gear supports Roon

Kind of off topic but I would not buy a receiver when you can get Hypex DIY monoblock amp kits for $650 each on eBay (new from Hypex). No affiliation but I just feel compelled. My AVM60 —> 5x Hypex NC400 —> von Schweikert has me very happy. Anthem is clean and so easy to setup but yeah Playfi is weak.

Edit update: I just checked and they went up to $800 now. But do not worry about the DIY. They take 15 minutes to screw together.

Does anyone know if the AMV70 or 90 will do MQA unfolding when the Roon Ready update comes out?

Kurt - I thought I found this in the US but it was the wrong product. Do you have the link where you can by this in the US? Also, this seems pretty close in price to an Emotiva mono block and i would not have to build it. Thoughts? I know we are way off the Anthem topic but you got my attention

Hi Richard,

As far as I know, this two are equivalent. I built mine from the kit in the second link shipping directly from the Netherlands:

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You do realize the supply chain for AK chips has been fubarred due the the fire at the chip factory right?

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I’ve contacted ROON for update on Roon Ready status for AVM70. Hilarious, of course they can’t comment other than they are in process for this, no ETA. They did offer some hope though telling me a member on the roon forums had stated the AVM70 would work with AirPlay…basically they quoted my own prior post back to me as some sort of authoritative answer.
I have added TIDAL using AppleTV 4k have been pleased with results

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Yes, I’m aware of the fire. But I don’t have any information about manufacturer inventories or recovery time outlook. So I don’t really know what to expect in terms of impact on equipment actually hitting the market. I would guess that a company like Anthem would have some parts inventory just prior to launching several major products. It’s been an unusual year all around, though, in many ways. I sympathize with any company trying to launch product and manage supply chains and meet customer expectations.

Also, the Roon Ready certification process should not be blocked by a parts shortage. It’s software work - testing and tuning until everything works. As for transparency around certification status, I wrote this comment just a few days ago. Would love to see it.

Is there a model number or particular label there DIY Hypex would not seem to be enough.

Did not imply parts shortage would lead to no Roon cert. Just mentioning it because people are saying they will wait to purchase. The thrust there was make the point that waiting may be the only choice …due to parts shortage. Anthem is not the only vendor that uses that AK dac chip BTW.
No what Roon says is…Covid has caused the delays in normal MO

Understood. Thanks.

Oops sorry guys did not see the ebay link above for the HYpex

No! LOL, I guess that makes you the Anthem/Roon expert then. The more I read the more I am thinking of using a PC and HDMI for Roon on an AVR and ignoring this Anthem.

If only they offered it for the STR series.

Ditto that. Great sound. Terrible software/app.

Hi just out of interest has the support for Roon happened yet as i have been looking at the Anthem range all week hesitating whether to buy or not what model did you go for

I got AVM 70, Nice unit but I’ve been to busy to do Room Correction. As a response to the lack of Roon Endpoint native to to AVM70 I had my OPPO 205 modded by Modwright. I’m happy for now but I’m thinking of going to a Marantz AV8805a specifically because the AVM70 has no balanced audio inputs and does not have multi channel analogue anything. The other alternative would be to find a good Line level preamp to connect my analogue stuff, OPPO and Vinyl but I would give up analogue multi channel which is pretty cool with all the blue ray audio only and now Tidal offering Atmos music tracks. The oppo has a reclocked jitter free hdmi output that works really well. But the better solution would be for the Anthem to have worked with Roon as my dealer assured me it would.

Why can’t you run an Apple TV 4K into the Anthem and use the Tidal app to send anything multichannel to the AVM70? I guess if you need all the other devices to connect in then that is a problem. I had thought I had this problem when I got my AVM70, and had planned to use an old NUC with Roon bridge to handle multichannel via HDMI. But I’m an Apple Music subscriber and now that they are providing lossless + Dolby support on the Apple TV 4K it seems like the easiest no brainer way to make all this happen in my HT system.

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