Any chance of getting Roon to run on an old IPad 2?

I tried to install roon on my Ipad 2 but was told it is not supported.
Is there anyway to allow roon on run on older ipads?

Hi Guy. Welcome to the Roon Community.
Unfortunately the iPad 2 does not have the right internal horsepower to run Roon:

I really doubt you could get a hack around this significant limitation.

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Hi @gwpt,

As Scott mentioned (Thanks, Scott!), the iPad 2 is not supported. For more about iOS compatibility, check out our Knowledge Base.

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yeah, i though that might be the case. i had an old one lying around and thought it could make a nice remote.

thanks the welcome. so far, I am BLOWN away by roon. i had read a lot, and it’s even better than I expected!! :slight_smile:

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