Any chance of porting this to the Amazon Fire HDX device?

The resolution on the 8.9" HDX should work very well - any plans of porting this to Fire OS? It may just run without too many changes - if you just rebuild with the Fire OS SDK.


Wow, that thing has killer specs.

Do we actually need to rebuild? My understanding was that you could sideload APKs.

We have a bit of a dilemma, as we currently use the Google Play Store to do updates, but there is no reason we couldn’t do updates ourselves if you installed via APK. It helps us with the Chinese market too, as they don’t have access to Google Play.

Mind trying?

Hi @danny where would I find the APK?



I was afraid of giving this out since it has no update path, but just lookout for announcements for next releases - until we have a self-hosted APK update solution.

@danny - Is the link meant to be live yet? I am getting 404 error.


Sorry, updated link.

The link is not working.

Thanks, I will try it out. You’re right that one should be able to side load and see if works as well - BTW, the link below does not work for me either.


Sorry… updating links via phone at 2am… not wise. Anyway, the link is fixed and tested.

Thanks, works now.

Thanks. I got it working on my Mi Pad. Testing it now.

Okay, I managed to get a few minutes to test this out on my Fire HDX. Except for some minor UI glitches, it just worked! Very nice job with app, I’m impressed that it worked very well on fire HDX without any recompiling. Some observations (with only a few minutes of usage):

  • Swipe to scroll the album view is slightly “sticky”: if I try to flick, the screen tries to scroll and bounces back. It works fine if I swipe slowly - probably the tap/swipe thresholds are probably slightly off for this device (it probably has a different ppi etc)
  • I saw some minor rendering artifacts at the top of the screen (barely noticeable)
  • The focus dialog box looked like it was cutoff, until I realized that I could scroll sideways to reveal more. May be some visual cues that indicate scrollability might help

Again, kudos to the andorid dev team for a great app that I can also use on my Fire (I don’t have an Android tablet, so I’m excited that I can run on my Fire device).

Now the only thing I need is to be able to control my other remote (on Mac Mini) from this remote. I’m eagerly waiting for the Roon Speakers capability that will allow me to do this.


PS: It would be cool if you guys can also integrate with Amazon appstore - this way I can get your updates as they become available as opposed to bugging you to provide a binary every time you guys make some improvements :slight_smile:

And BTW for anyone else that might want to do this, the easiest way to do this is to use the Silk Browser to open this page and download the apk by clicking on the link above. Then go to the Downloads section and select the downloaded apk to install it (the device will prompt you to allow it install downloaded apps - you can temporarily enable this in Settings).

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Amazon App Store is on the TODO list now… unfortunately, it’ll probably be late summer at earliest… need to get roonspeakers and iOS out first

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The priority sounds right - hopefully roonspeakers before iOS.

@Anil_Kalagatla – it’s different teams, so in parallel

guys, new apk…

Great, thanks!!

Has anyone tried to run this on that new $50 amazon tablet? a $50 remote sounds a lot better than buying a iPad mini…

7 inch display is pretty painful to use with Roon

Roon says screen size is too small to run Roon. :frowning: on the $50 Fire Tablet.