Any Genelec 'The Ones' users?

I’m looking for a small footprint active monitor as an upgrade from KEF LSX in a nearfield desktop setup. Small like a maximum of 10" deep and 8" wide. My budget is <$5K. After much search the Genelec 8331A is at the top of my list. Would love to hear some impressions from nearfield 83x1 owners and what they upgraded from. Or if anyone has other active mini-monitor suggestions. Thanks.

I don’t have them nor have I heard them. But I have other small Genelec monitors at home, and have used lots of Genelec in a professional capacity in recording studios. They are fantastic speakers, very accurate in many ways.

Maybe someone else has more direct experience?

I have a pair of 15 year old Genelec 8050 that I still use in my office at home. Wonderful Speakers. I upgraded to a pair of Neumann KH420 in my living room a couple of years ago.

They are probably not as aesthetically pleasing as the Kefs and Genelecs, but they do sound phenomenal in those ears.

In your price range you could try the KH 310

I have heard and worked with many of the smaller genelecs and while I can’t judge them against the kef lsx I think they are way overpriced for the performance they deliver. Neumann is far better indeed, but also bigger. I would not buy them blindly, there is a lot of competition in that price range.

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My main issue is I really need a small footprint, Neumann and ATC are too big for me unfortunately. I couldn’t really find any other high end actives that are small like KEF LSX and Genelec.

I have the 8341. Dynamic and reveiling is how I would character these. Plays all genres well but makes poor recordings less fun.

One of the things I really like is that they sound the same independent of how strong you play. Given the size they have ok low end but you will want subs if your room is large or you’re just a basshead.

They do not appear to be fuzzy with the digital signal. I have not been able to hear any difference in SQ with different digital sources.

As usual, different room, different ears and YMMV.

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I rock the 8361A . Phenomenal speakers.
ROON Core -> Matrix Audio Element X -> Genelec 8361A

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70lbs each they are monsters what stands are using with them?

They are ! I had problems lifting them myself … they come with a nice handle pre installed to make it easier to lift. The stands I use are a pair of modified Custom Design RS304. Sand filled.

Nice thanks

Wow! I am thinking on the same setup! What have been your impressions regarding your system? Do you think you need a subwoofer? Are you using GLM software? And what’s more, did you ever think in running a streamer without a DAC to feed the digital data directly to the speakers? Great great setup!

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I love this setup ! Very clean , very high end !
I dont need a subwoofer , not in my room at least . These speakers move a lot of air with zero distorsion. I am using the GLM , but i havent had the time to play around with it so much. Need to get used to the GLM , but it already sounds amazing with the little ive done.

I have though about it . I had the DD8C before , and fed them with AES . I sounded great . The DAC in the Matrix Audio Element X is far better. I dont mind an extra conversion in the chain . I might try it again with the Genelec to feed them directly , only problem is that is hard to find a streamer with Optical in , need it for the Home entertainment part …

Thanks! for the Toslink input have you thought of an RPi with Hifiberry’s DIGI input? but well, that doesn’t solve the AES EBU output. How did you handle the 8Cs volume? If there was no pre amp? Thanks!

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With the 8C , I used ROON and controlled the volume via ROON Remote . Worked awesome . Before Roon , I used the 8C webinterface :slight_smile:

Thank you! Your help has been great!

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Just keep in mind that I was one of the ROON Beta testers.
Roon is not yet out for the 8C´s . But will be soon :slight_smile:

I’m testing the 8341 now but not in a nearfield setup. I had Genelec G Four before.

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You could use the MiniDSP as Input. It has an roon endpoint and Dirac included! You not necessarily need to use its volume control, you can also use the Genelec remote with the GLM box!